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Oxenefordscire Hoard Map Walkthrough

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Oxenefordscire Hoard Map

Map pickup location:
Eatun Barn - Oxenefordscire

Blast open the stone barricaded passage with an oil jar.
Inside, move a big stone aside to get to the map.

"In the southern heaths of Oxenefordscire, there is a vast pasture. The Livestock act as my protector. They hum and haw away the evil demons. Find the peculiar tree casting its shadow on a small ruin. You can find me where the waters used to run. The lost shimmer of its wavelets still shines within me."

Treasure Location:

Southwestern part of Oxenefordscire, Southeast of Oxeneforda.
There is a small ruin with a boarded up well at the back.
Destroy the wood, climb down the well and loot.
Reward: Snakebite Scheme (Figurehead)

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