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Hamtunscire Hoard Map Walkthrough

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Hamtunscire Hoard Map

Fearnhamme - Glowecestrescire
The Treasure Hoard Map is at the big square structure with the big red tent overhead.
There is a weak stone wall on the floor.
Shoot the "chandellier" on top by climbing up.
Now you can go down into the little cave below and pick it up.


"In the south and western corner of Hamtunscire, lost in Wishtman's Wood, I ran from the devil with my riches. Fatigued like a hunting hound, the darkness of the trees sending shivers in my spine, an endless fog clouding my vision, a tree of holy red, placed by the Holy Spirit and marked with the Blood of Christ: here. I paid my divine commissions, I gave my wealth to the ancient reliquary, and the Lord pardoned my fees."

Treasure Location:

Wishtman's Wood - Hamtunscire

North of Wishtman's Wood is a bright red tree. The treasure loot is at its base.

Reward: Warrior Tears Scheme (Head)

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