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Essexe Hoard Map Walkthrough

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Essexe Hoard Map

Sancta Helena's Church - Colcestre - Essexe

The Treasure Hoard Map is high up in the Church's tower.
There is a locked door in the open accessible church.
To get the key, look for a shelf you can move at ground level outside of the church.
Move it away, smash the window behind it and get the key from the inside.
Now you can open the locked door in the church.
On the other side is a ladder you can't reach.
Move the available shelf underneath the ladder so you can go one floor up.
Up there, shoot the second ladder to get to the top where the Treasure Hoard Map is.


"To the south of Essexe, your eyes must train themselves away from the tower built by Roman giants, through the green fur of nature, a sacred marking made by three skins of trees in a circle of plants."

Treasure Location:

Between Epinga Forest and Wulfaswic, where one of the Roman Artifacts is.
There is a flower circle and in the center is the treasure loot.

Reward: Huginn Call Scheme (Arms)

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