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Dublin Hoard Map Solution

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Treasure Hoard Maps

Dublin Hoard Map

Inside a cave at the shoreline, south of Dublin Town.

The map is inside the locked cave.
The key is inside the water, right by the pier.

Locked Hoard Map Cave - map location
Locked Hoard Map Cave - location screenshot
Locked Hoard Map Cave Key - map location
Locked Hoard Map Cave Key - location screenshot

Treasure Location:

The map shows an arial view of a place someplace in Dublin.
There is a field east of Rathdown that looks just like that.
Go to this location to pick up the Treasure.
Reward: Na Pucai Scheme (tailpiece)

Dublin Hoard Map Treasure - map location
Dublin Hoard Map Treasure - location screenshot
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