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Connacht Hoard Map - Where is it?

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Connacht Hoard Map

Downpatrick Head - Connacht - Ireland

Downpatrick Head is the Island north of Port Auley.

The Hoard Map is in in the north of the Island by the water.
It's underneath a destructable floor.
Look up. There is a lit path. Go up on that path and walk west.
Around the corner are the oil flasks.
Take one and throw it on the floor to get the map.

The map shows a drawing of an island and a well.

Game Map: Hoard Map Location
View down to destructable floor
Game Map: Oil Flask location
Oil Flasks

Treasure Location:

Open your map. Southeast of Port Auley and northeast of Ratheroghan is an island in the river.
Go down the deep pit to the well.
Destroy the lid and climb down.
It's there in the corner.

Reward: Na Pucai Scheme (Sail)

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