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Snotinghamscire - Where and how to get all Wealth Collectibles

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Snotinghamscire

All Collectibles in Snotinghamscire

All Wealth Locations - 17
Also available:

Berserker's House
Tungsten Ingot

Berserker's House is south of Stoneburgh.
You can climb inside through the roof but the chest is locked.
The key is at the base of the big oak tree in the west (second set of screenshots).

Tungsten Ingot

In the northwestern part of Hamthorpe, destroy the wooden top of a well and climb down.
The chest is down there guarded by a snake.

Loch Clumbre Hideout - 1
Armor: Mentor's Cloak

Loch Clumbre Hideout is in the east of Snotinghamscire, at the border to Eurvicscire.

The chest is inside a hut with a barred straw door.
Smash the door and the guard. He has the key to the chest.

Reward: Mentor's Cloak

Loch Clumbre Hideout - 2
Tungsten Ingot

The Tungsten Ingot is in a hut with a barred door. Either smash the straw door or go through the window to open the chest.

Maneis Outpost - 1
Tungsten Ingot

Maneis Outpost is east of Stoneburgh over the river.
The Tungsten Ingot is carried by an Elite Soldier.

Maneis Outpost - 2
Tungsten Ingot

The Tungsten Ingot is in a chest in the big tower at the east of the camp.
Take the main entrance. There is a wooden wall you can smash to get inside the outer ring of the tower.
Go all the way around to the chest.

Tungsten Ingot

There is a cave entrance right south of the Minninglow marker on the map.
Follow the corridor inside the first cave rooms.
There is a key lying on the floor of one of the side caves.
Go into the direction of the Chest on your HUD and you will find the door for the key.
It's right below the Cursed Symbol.

Odin Mine Hideout - 1
Book of Knowledge

The Book of Knowledge is in the big open part of the Mine, where the water is.
Move away a big stone and take the oil jar at the entrance with you.
Parcour to the end of the passage, where you'll find a weak stone wall.
Destroy it.
At the other end is a pool of water, unclimbable ice at the other end with a weak ice wall.
You can destroy the weak ice wall. The Book of Knowledge is behind it.
Now parcour to this little cave. Starting point is the float in the water.
Jump towards the beams.

Reward: Poisonous Powder Trap - Ranged Ability

Odin Mine Hideout - 2
Tungsten Ingot

Now go back to the area where you moved away the big stone.
Move the stone towards the water so you can reach the platform high above.
Climb the stone, jump over to the platform and loot the chest.

Sherwood Hideout
Armor: Mentor's Mask

Southwest of the Sherwood Hideout marker, in the camp.
The chest is in one of the upper huts.
Free access.

Reward: Mentor's Mask

Tungsten Ingot

In the south of Snotingham is a boarded up well.
Shoot the top, climb down, open the chest. Done.

Tungsten Ingot

Climb up the tower to the top.
From the top, take the ring staircase down.
When you reach the wooden wall, smash it. The chest is behind.

Ulkerthorpe Fort - 1
Book of Knowledge

Next to the tower where you fight the chief is a building with a seperate entrance on ground level.
The Book of Knowledge is on the second level but the door is barred.
Climb inside through the outside window.

Reward: Kick of Tyr - Melee Ability

Ulkerthorpe Fort - 2
Tungsten Ingot

The Tunsten Ingot chest is two floors up from the Book of Knowledge. Go all the way up until you stand outside, on top of the room where the chest is in.
Now you can let yourself drop onto the balcony and get inside the chest room.
It is locked. An Elite Soldier has the key.

Wenloch Abbey - 1
Raw Materials

The main building on top of the hill has a door that needs to be forced open.
Inside, there is another door that has to be forced open so you can go down to the crypt.
The chest is here.

Wenloch Abbey - 2
Raw Materials

The second chest is deeper down into the crypt.

Wenloch Abbey - 3
Raw Materials

In the room of the previous chest is a slide through passage. Slide through.
In the next room, you can unlock a door and go to the room where the barred entrance is.
Now your crew can come in here as well.
Now you can go deeper down into the crypt to get chest 3.

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