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Snotinghamscire - Where and how to solve all Mysteries Collectibles

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Snotinghamscire

All Collectibles in Snotinghamscire

All Mysteries Locations - 15
Also available:

Aescforda Stones
Standing Stones

East of Stoneburgh built in freezing water are the Aescforda Standing Stones.
Go around and smash the Weak Ice Walls.
There is one Ice wall that is not round and you will know instantly that this is significant.
This is the one that is needed to reflect the final piece of the puzzle through the water.
Stand at this (screenshot) location to solve it.

Berserker's House
Fly Agaric

West of Berserker's House and southwest of Stoneburgh is a Fly Agaric.
Eat it and defeat all enemies.

Briudun Hill
Animus Anomalies

Briudun Hill is west of Snotinghill.
Solve the beam puzzle and get to the top.

Deoraby Spar Cavern
Treasure of Britain

Follow the cavern until you get to a locked door.
The key is on the dead body. Loot everything. There's also an Opal.
This is a fairly straight forward cavern. You need to get to the other end - even if it means that you climb the cavern walls to get there.

Eorthburg Hlaw
Standing Stones

Look out for the Weak Ice Wall you can smash (screenshot).
Then go inside the little cave and complete the picture.

Hemthorpe - 1

Flyte with Stigr the Amorous.

Hemthorpe - 2
An Althing for the Half-Grown - World Event

6 kids are sitting on stools in the broken tower.
They have 3 decisions to make.
Pick a side for every decision by sitting either on the stool of the hay side or the bean bags side.

Kinder Downfall - 1

Build a stone tower west of Hemthorpe.

Kinder Downfall - 2
The Myth in the Mountains - World Event

West of Hemthorpe, West of the Cairns are a group of Pict camping and panicking over a myth on top of the mountain.
Go up (second set of screenshots) and find a straw man that you set on fire with a torch.
A warrior will appear. Defeat him.

Mam Tor Stone
Offering Altar

Offer 3 Titanium.

Sherwood Hideout - 1
A Cordial Invitation - World Event

Talk to the man by the cart and defend him from the Picts.
Then talk to him again and get invited to Sherwood Hideout.

Sherwood Hideout - 2
The Good Men of Sherwood - World Event

You see a couple of people practicing with bows and arrows west of Sherwood Hideout.
- When they start, shoot one of the targets.
- Speak to the instructor.
- Shoot one of the brown pottery above the round targets in time.
- Talk to the big guy
- Shoot the chicken on a stick high above the targets.

Stoneman - World Event

A girl does not know how to build a stoneman (cairns tower).
Build one for her.

Lost Drengr

Talk to the Drengr.
Then go to the pot over the fire and drink from it.
The fight start. Defreat her.

Wenloch Abbey
An Efficient Cremation - World Event

West of Wenloch Abbey is a Norse Man desperate to burn bodies but the fire is not big enough.
Go behind his house and move the shelf away. It hides an oil jar.
Throw the oil jar into the fire and talk to the Norse Man.
Assassinate him afterwards.

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