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Snotinghamscire - Where and how to get all Artifact Collectibles

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Snotinghamscire

All Collectibles in Snotinghamscire

All Artifacts Locations - 8
Also available:

Abandoned Library
Treasure Hoard Map

The Abandoned Library is  in the east of Hemthorpe.
In the ruins, there is a wooden weak wall you can destroy on the floor to reveal a staircase down.
Go down, smash everything and slide through the passage.

Reward: Snotinghamscire Hoard Map

Hemthorpe - 1
The Rigsogur, Page 7

The Rigsogur, Page 7 is in the Longhouse in the Jarl's bedroom.

Hemthorpe - 2
Flying Paper

Catch the Flying Paper!

Reward: Speki Symbol Scheme (Arms)

Cursed Symbol

There is a cave entrance right south of the Minninglow marker on the map.
Follow the corridor inside the first cave rooms.
There is a key lying on the floor of one of the side caves.
Go into the direction of the Cursed Symbol on your HUD and you will find the door for the key.
Go through, climb the rock and destroy the cursed symbol from there.
It's right above the Tungsten Ingot Chest.

Ulkerthorpe Fort
Roman Artifact

The Roman Artifact is northwest of Ulkerthorpe Fort at the ruined tower.
It is buried under a pile of rocks at the base of the tower.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Symbol

The Cursed Symbol is inside a cave north of Stoneburgh and southwest of Hemthorpe.
Enter the cave and you'll see a big stone that you can move. Carry the rock on its base away first so you can move the stone.
Enter and follow the corridor, past a gas cloud into a cave with a second gas cloud and the Cursed Symbol high above it.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Symbol

North of Thynghowe is a ruined tower with a barred door.
The Cursed Symbol is right behind that door underneath the big ice roof.
Climb inside to destroy it.

Unnamed Location
Roman Artifact

East of Snotinghamscire's southern Fast Travel Point are some ruins with a Roman Artifact.
Get inside the pool with the statue in front of it.
Dive down in the center of the pool. The Roman Artifact is in a sunken room. When you dive down, you will see the roof of this room.
Dive around and you will see a wooden wall to smash.
The Roman Artifact is behind this wall.

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