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Sciropescire - Where and how to get all Wealth Collectibles

All Collectibles in Sciropescire

All Wealth Locations - 12
Also available:

Caustow Castle
Book of Knowledge

In the main building, the king's throne room, there are two side corridors.
One leads to a barricaded door, the other to the kitchen.
The door next to the barricaded door can be opened and leads to a corridor with a weak wall / stone barricade.
You can find the oil jars in the kitchen on the other side of the main corridor.

Grants: Throwing Axe Fury - Melee Ability

Dhustone Quarry - 1
Sarcophagus Shield

At ground floor in the eastern part of the quarry, there is a cave with some prisoners in.
In the same cave is a crack in the wall, where you can get through.
The other side is flooded. Dive through and up to get to the chest.

Dhustone Quarry - 2
Nickel Ingot

At ground floor in the eastern part of the quarry, there is a weak wall / a stone barricade on the floor.
The oil jar are right opposite by the staircase.

Dhustone Quarry - 3
Nickel Ingot

At ground floor in the western part of the quarry, in the cave where the prisoners are, is a weak wall / stone barricade.
The oil jars are, like previously, at the ground level staircase in the eastern bit of the quarry.

Dhustone Quarry - 4
Nickel Ingot

At the ruins west of Dhustone Quarry, where the Fast Travel Point is.
There are two bears guarding a stone shelf that you can move away to get to the Ingot Chest.

Manstone Rock
Nickel Ingot

Manstone Rock is in the southwest of Sciropescire.
At the Manstone Rock Fast Travel Point, dive town twice so you end up in the second pool
At its base is the cave entrance to this Nickel Ingot.
Follow the path of the cave all the way in to get to the chest.

Brigadine Cloak - Armor Wealth

The entrance point is in the northwestern part of Quatford.
At the waterside, there is a boat full of oil jars standing right next to a weak wall (stone barricade).
Shoot one of the jars to open up the passage.
Then go all the way in. You will have to destroy a wooden wall and move a big stone out / towards you.
Then you can open up the chest.

Wenlocan Abbey 1 & 2
Raw Materials

Both Wealth boxes are in the same house at the top of the hill. Door needs to be forced open.

Wenlocan Outpost - 1
Nickel Ingot

One of the Elite Soldiers has a Nickel Ingot.

Wenlocan Outpost - 2
Brigandine Helm - Armor

Inside the Wenlocan Outpost, at ground level, there is a cave entrance.
Inside the small cave, you can move asinde a big rock.
The Armor Chest is inside.

Nickel Ingot

The Nickel Ingot is in a locked chest in the main house at the center of the village.
The guard of the house has the key.

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