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Sciropescire - Where and how to solve all Mysteries Collectibles

All Collectibles in Sciropescire

All Mysteries Locations - 14
Also available:

Dhustone Quarry
Fly Agaric

The Fly Agaric is east fo Dhustone Quarry at a - what it looks like - a burial ground.
It's growing inside a stone circle.
After you've eaten it, activate the blue flame on every grave with a stone circle around it.
Then the portal opens and you can go through.

Mycel Fold
Standing Stones

East of Wesberie are the Mycel Fold Standing Stones.
Climb up to the top of the waterfall to create the symbol.

Quartzite Ridge
Animus Anomaly

Solve the Animus Anomaly Puzzle in the south of Sciropescire.

Ove The Scarred - Flyting

Flyte and fight Ove the Scarred.

The Wroeken
Offering Altar

You need 5 Brown Trout (small).

Nearby Bomere Lake is full of trout.
Grab a boat north of Quatford by the round house at the lake and look out for groups of small fish.

Titterstone Clee Hill - 1
Carins / Stone Tower

Build a stone tower...

Titterstone Clee Hill - 2
Miracle - World Event

Help a Blind Man and a Lame Man up to the spring.
The Blind Man is at the foot of the hill near a house (First Set of Screenshots)
The Lame Man is looking for help near the path up to the spring. (Second Set of Screenshots)
The spring is on top of the hill, where the Cairns / Stone Tower building is. (Third Set of Screenshots)

Unnamed Location
Lamb Chops - World Event

The Event is north of the big lake, east of the northern Fast Travel point.

One of Merec's sheep has eaten his brooch. The goal is to get it back.
Follow those steps:
- Carry the haybale in front of the pen to the sheep so they produce dung.
- Dig every single dung pile to search for the brooch.
- Hand it to Merec once you've found it.

Unnamed Location
Otta, Son of Slugga - World Event

The Event is east across the lake from Wenlocan Abbey.
Talk to the child and compete with Otta.
Shoot 5 targets in 30 seconds.
(see screenshots with the targets below)

Unnamed Location
Paola's Dream - World Event

The Event is west of Bomere Lake.
A man standing in front of a big house.
Just speak to him to finish the event.

Unnamed Location
Bewitched - World Event

Southeast of Wesberie, there is a barricaded house with a boy shouting for help that he is trapped.
First open the front door.
To do this, go to the back. From here you can shoot through the grid window to hit the barricade.
Once inside, you can pick up a key but it's only good for the back door.
There is another barricaded door with the key inside the room.
So, get outside and shoot the barricade from the back of the house.
You won't see where you're shooting at. You will only see your aim turning red.
Now you can get the key and free the boy.

Unnamed Location
King of the Hill - World Event

Southwest of Dhustone Quarry in the south of Sciropescire.

The King of the Hill claims he's the best. Talk to him to fight him.
After he's defeated, leave the camp and go back straight away when you hear him shout again.
Talk to him and fight him.
After his defeat, leave him again until he shouts. Go back, fight again.
Finally, just talk to him and finish the event.

Uriconium Ruins
Beast of the Hills - Legendary Animal

The bear is underground from the marker.
The entrance point is west of Uriconium Ruins - it's a big archway leading inside the mountain.
Follow the path in and you'll end up facing a gigantic self-healing bear.
The trick is always to dodge and attack so it won't heal.

Wenlocan Abbey
The Puppeteer - World Event

The Event starts west of Wenlocan Abbey.
A locked - what looks like - prison cell and a dead body in front.
Talk to the body.
If you decide to find the charlatan, go up to the house and enter it.
You can move a stone shelf aside, smash the wood at the back and reveal an underground entrance.
Go down and face him.

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