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Rygjafylke - All Collectibles Locations - Part 2

All Mysteries in Rygjafylke

This is our complete Rygjafylke Mysteries Collectibles guide.
There are 13 Mysteries in Rygjafylke
Written by: Avi Pitfield  (Camzillasmom)
Maps compiled by: Avi Pitfield  (Camzillasmom). Click maps to enlarge.
Screenshots provided by Ubisoft

Unnamed Location
World Event

On the unnamed island in the north west.

Talk to the old man and make a tour.

Haervik Shipyard
World Event

North of Hearvik Shipyard.
A man needs your help. Follow him and survive the ambush.

Unnamed Location
World Event

South of Alrekstad.
Help Old Harek to throw his belongings down the cliff.

Unnamed Location
Fly Agaric

South of Deserted Chalet.

The gates you have to go through each have a statue. Use the statue order as in the picture below and you'll finish the Mystery.

World Event

Meet Sulke. Hunt and kill him after the conversation.

World Event

Talk to Rolf the Raider and follow him. Talk to him at the camp.
Win the fight and talk to him again.


Talk to Manning near the harbour and do some Flyting.

Unnamed Location
The Hunt for Honor - World Event

Southeast of Stavanger, a Skald wants to kill someone / something to sing about it.
Lure a wolf or a bear from around the area into his camp and kill it there.

Unnamed Location
The Plight of the Warlock - World Event - Mystery

Southeast of Gryttirsand is a man that wants to hunt a Warlock.
Follow him to the Warlock's house.
When they fight, you can either pick sides or let it play out.

Unnamed Location
Elk of Bloody Peaks - Legendary Animal - Mystery

Southeast of Fornburg on top of the mountain is the Legendary Elk you have to slay.

Unnamed Location
The Dreamwalking Warrior - World Event - Mystery

West of Fornburg is someone sleeping.
Wake him up and follow him until he went on the rope slide.

Unnamed Location
Comb of Champions - World Event - Mystery

Northeast of Fornburg, southeast of Adrift Refuge is a waterfall.
Talk to the lady. She wants her comb to be found.
Go to the spot, where the water from the waterfall touches the water and dive down.
You'll see that there is some sort of tunnel going quite deep.
Keep diving until you get the "Interact" option. That's the comb.

Unnamed Location
Lost Drengr - Mystery

Fight and defeat the Drengr in the cave at Hildesvini's Crag.

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