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Rygjafylke - All Collectibles with Overview Maps and Detailed Screenshots

All Wealth in Rygjafylke

This is our complete Rygjafylke Wealth Collectibles guide.
There are 22 Wealth Collectibles in Rygjafylke
Written by: Avi Pitfield  (Camzillasmom)
Maps compiled by: Avi Pitfield  (Camzillasmom). Click maps to enlarge.
Screenshots provided by Ubisoft


Wealth 1 is on top of the big rock. Climb up


Wealth 1 - Carbon Ingot is in the house at Avaldsnes. It requires a key.
Find it around the house.


Wealth - Carbon Ingot is in the basement of the "Secret Passage". Inside, you have to pull away a big stone to reach the chest.
The screenshots below show the location of the passage.

Unnamed Location

Carbon Ingot Wealth is inside the tower of this camp at the border to Hordafylke.
You can get in from the top.

Kjotve's Fortress

Wealth 1 - Gear is inside the big house with the steep roof.
Wealth 2 - Nickel Ingot is inside the house. You can shoot the straw windows with an arrow. Climb in there.
Wealth 3 is the Book of Knowledge. It's in a cave behind the waterfall.
Reward: Rage of Helheim - Melee Ability

Haervik Shipyard 1

Wealth - Gear: Recurve Bow is in a little basement with ladder down.
The ladder is right where the marker on the map is.

Haervik Shipyard - 2

Wealth - Carbon Ingot is carried by a soldier.

Deserted Chalet

Wealth 1 - Carbon Ingot is in the Deserted Chalet. It requires a key.
The key is in a wolf pit to the north.

Unnamed Location

The Carbon Ingot Wealth east of Deserted Chalet inside a sunken ship.
Smash the back of the ship underwater to swim inside and collect the treasure.

Hyvlatonna - 1

Wealth - Carbon Ingot is inside a cave below Hyvlatonna.
Work your way to the eastern part of Hyvlatonna, where the guards are.
There, work your way down. You will notice an unguarded cave entrance.

Hyvlatonna - 2

Wealth 1 - Carbon Ingot is carried by a Soldier.

Ikke en Oy

The Wealth Collectible is inside the main house. It's the big treasure chest.

Stavanger - 1

The Carbon Ingot Wealth is in a basement area. There is a house with bloodstains in front of it and a curtain at street level.
Go through the curtain, move the shelf in this room and get the treasure in the basement.

Stavanger - 2

The Carbon Ingot Wealth is inside a barricaded house.
Climb up on the roof and shoot the straw from the roof "chimney" to get inside.

Eikundarsund - 1

Wealth - Gear: Yngling Seax Dagger is inside the big house in the west.

Eikundarsund - 2

Wealth - Carbon Ingot is carried by one of the soldiers.

Marauder's Den

The Wealth Gear: War Hammer is on a platform in the tree. Climb on top of the house opposite and jump over.


The Wealth: Book of Knowledge is in Nottfall. There is an entrance to a cave-like area, where the book is.


Wealth - Book of Knowledge is inside the tower of this camp. Climb the tower with the ladder, shoot the wooden barricade in the floor to get inside.

Unnamed Location

The Carbon Ingot Wealth west of Fornburg on the mountan.
It's safely tucked away inside a house.
To get it, throw a torch over the wooden fencing inside the house. An oil jar will break and you can move the shelf in the back to get inside.

By the way, you don't have to burn the whole house like in the picture below...

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