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Oxenefordscire - Where and how to get all Wealth Collectibles

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Oxenefordscire

All Collectibles in Oxenefordscire

All Wealth Locations - 22
Also available:


The chest is in the locked church. The keys are on a bench right outside the locked door.
Unlock the door and go in.
From here you can shoot down the ladder.
Go up and loot the chest.
Contains: Magister's Vambraces

Crepelgate Fort
Book of Knowledge

The Book is in the stone tower with a barricaded entrance.
You can enter the tower from below the wooden guard tower.
Here, you have to move a shelf aside so you can get to the ground level, where the Book of Knowledge is.
Contains: Man's Best Friend - Range Ability

Cyne Belle Castle

The chest is inside the main castle. Best to get it while doing the main mission.
Contains: Shishi Guard - Shield

Dereclict Shrine of Camulus
Nickel Ingot

There are two keys in the area.
1 - inside a building next to the round ruins. Climb the roof to find oil jars that you can use to blow open the blocked roof entrance.
2 - On top of one of the pillars at the round ruins.
The chest is below the ruins. There is a gap in the north wall where you can squeeze through.

Evesham Abbey - 1

The chest is in the small house. You can enter through a broken wall.
Contains: Nickel Ingot

Evesham Abbey - 2

The chest is in the house with the locked door. A soldier has the key.
Contains: Raw Materials

Evesham Abbey - 3

The chest is in the church. Door needs to be forced open.
Contains: Raw Materials

Evinghou Tower
Nickel Ingot

At Evinghou Tower, climb down and around the northern cliffs.
There is a wooden barricaded window. Behind it is a soldier who carries the Nickel Ingot.

Nickel Ingot

The chest is inside the building behind a locked door.
The key is in the other building underneath the shelf. Move the shelf to get the key.

Leah Villa Garrison - 1
Nickel Ingot

One of the Elite Soldiers is carrying a Nickel Ingot.

Leah Villa Garrison - 2
Book of Knowledge

The Book of Knowledge is inside a building with a locked door.
Get the key from the main building, ground floor. On the table.
Grants: Feign Death

Leah Villa Garrison - 3
Nickel Ingot

Stay in the room of the Book of Knowledge above. The Nickel Ingot is behind the barred door.
You can shoot the door from the other side, outside.

Leah Villa Garrison - 4

The Gear is inside a house with a stone barricade. You can get an oil jar from the barn at the back. The door is also barricaded.
Climb onto the roof and you can move a shelf aside to get in.
Carry the oil jar to the blocked door, throw it and you're inside.
Contains: Magister's Robes

Nickel Ingot

The nickel ingot is carried by a soldier.

Oxeneforda - 1
Gear - Magister's Trousers

The chest is in the church.
From outside climb onto the bar above the barricaded entrance and destroy the window to get in.
From here, look up. You can shoot a wooden barricade.
Then climb up.
On this floor you have to shoot down the big hanging cargo behind the shelf to move it.
Once you've done that, you can access the chest.

Oxeneforda - 2
Book of Knowledge

Now the church is open, get the key from the altar at ground floor to open the small building nearby.
Here's the Book of Knowledge.
Grants: Vengeance of Thor

Nickel Ingot

The nickel ingot at Perie is inside a key locked cottage.
The key is behind a big stone at a fishing hut in the village.
After unlocking you still have to blow up the stone barricade in the basement.
There is a house with oil jars in front not far from the cottage.
Carry one there and get rid of the barricade.

Saint Albanes Abbey - 1

The chest is in a small building. Door needs to be forced open.
Contains: Raw Materials

Saint Albanes Abbey - 2

The chest is in a small building. Door can be forced open, but there is also a broken wall at the back.
Contains: Raw Materials

Saint Albanes Abbey - 3

The chest is in the church. The doors are barred. I smashed the window above the entrance, went in and opened the door for my mates.
The chest is behind the stone barricaded passage. There is a small window above, where you can shoot through.
Contains: Raw Materials

Saint Albanes Abbey - 4

The chest is in a small building next to the church. The door needs to be force open.
Contains: Raw Materials

Unnamed Location
Nickel Ingot

South of Buckingham in a bandit camp.
The locked chest is in the house, the key is in the red tent outside.

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