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Oxenefordscire - Where and how to solve all Mysteries Collectibles

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Oxenefordscire

All Collectibles in Oxenefordscire

All Mysteries Locations - 10
Also available:

Aqueduct - Ciltern Hills
Animus Anomaly

Solve the Anomaly Puzzle.

Evesham Abbey
The Anchoress - World Event

Southeast of the Abbey is a barricaded building.
You can shoot the lock through the window at the other side.
Get in, talk to the Anchoress in the basement.
Level 2 Flyting for the positive outcome.

Evinghou Tower
The Last Raid - World Event

West of Evinghou Tower.
There is a man building a ship.
Talk to him and do some chores.
Work on the Iron Crates, the Arrows and the Fish.
Then he asks you to blow your horn. Do so.
Defeat the wolves and talk to the man again.

Oxeneforda - 1

Beat Hogg the Burly at Flyting.

Oxeneforda - 2
Fishing Lessons - World Event

East of Oxeneforda, by the pond.
Talk to a boy.
Catch 3 fish, until his brother comes out of hiding.
Talk to them and leave them the fish.

The Corpse Feeders - Legendary Animal

Kill the Legendary Animal

Unnamed Location
Permission to Weep - World Event

In the northeastern part of Oxenefordscire.
A man wants your permission to mourn.
Needs Level 3 at Flyting for a positive outcome.

Unnamed Location
Fly Agaric

In the center-northern part of Oxenefordscire.
Follow the number of gravestones when entering the gates.
Starting with the lowest number. 1 - 5.

Unnamed Location
A Dog's Rescue - World Event

East of Buckingham.
A woman in front of a burning house.
She wants you to save her dog in the house.
You can enter the house by shooting some straw wall where the wall is broken.
Inside, destroy everything that is straw.
Destroy also everything around the shelf, so you can move it and smash the straw wall to get out.
Lead the "dog" to the woman and talk to her.
Dandy joins the settlement.

Unnamed Location
Nostalgia - World Event

Southeast of Oxeneforda.
Talk to the old man and carry the crates to the location at the shed.
After, talk to him.
Always wake him up when he falls asleep so he finishes the story.

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