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Oxenefordscire - Where and how to get all Artifact Collectibles

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Oxenefordscire

All Collectibles in Oxenefordscire

All Artifacts Locations - 13
Also available:

Flying Paper

On top of the longhouse. Catch the Flying Paper!
Reward: Valhalla Blessing Scheme (Back)

Eatun Barn
Treasure Hoard Map

At Eatun Barn there is a big stone barricaded arch passage that can be blown up with a nearby oil jar.
Inside, you can move a big stone out of the way to get to the map.

Evinghou Tower - 1
Roman Artifact

At the west of the tower there is a statue. Nearby is a structure with a shelf blocked entrance.
There is a cave entrance to the right. Take it.
You can shoot whatever is blocking the shelf from moving (I think it's pottery) through the window there.
Then go back and move the shelf inwards to get the mask.

Evinghou Tower - 2
Rigsogur Page 5

West of Evinghou Tower.
A man building a ship.
The Rigsogur Saga Page is on the ship.

Lunden Hoard Map

North of Hanneham inside a well you find a Hoard Map.
It could be that you will prompted that you picked up the Oxenefordscire Hoard map.
It's the Lunden Hoard Map - at least in the inventory.

Leah Villa Garrison
Cursed Object

East of Leah Villa Garrison, in an unnamed location.
The Artifact is below ground. The entrance is north of the site.
Throw down a torch to get rid of the gas.
Climb down, destroy the wooden barrier in the ground to reach the cursed object.

Flying Paper

Catch the Flying Paper!

Saint Albanes Abbey
Roman Artifact

The Artifact is below the ruines, a stone barricade blocking it.
Climb the scaffolding nearby and shoot the big cargo bag to open it up.

Thaerelea Ruins
Cursed Object

The Artifact is below ground. There is an entrance you can take.
Down there, pick up the oil jar and walk through the gas to the stone barricaded wall, where you can put down the jar.
You can't throw when affected by poison.
Shoot the jar, then the Cursed Object.

Unnamed Location
Roman Artifact

East of Evesham Abbey.
The Artifact is in a locked room below the temple ruins.
On the other side of the ruins, in the corner near some old pottery, you can carry away a stone. The key is unterneath it.

Unnamed Location
Roman Artifact

South of Evesham Abbey.
To get to the Mask, you have to blast open the stone barricade first that is on the floor below the statue.
Climb up to one of the rope ends. There is an oil jar.
From there you have to get the jar down. I used the path right of the oil jar, along the ruin walls and jumped down at the end.

Unnamed Location
Roman Artifact

Southwest of Cyne Belle Castle
Ruins with a barricaded door.
There is an underground passage that can be entered from the ruins right next to this one (screenshots).
Go down, move away the shelf, smash the wooden barricade, climb the ladder and you're there.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Object

Southeast of Evinghou Tower, North East of Ciltern Hills.
The Cursed Object is on the bigger Island in the little lake.
Behind a stone barricade, you have to parcour an oil jar from the smaller island in the lake.

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