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Mentor's Set - Where to find the Armor Pieces

Mentor's Set

- Increase Attack after Critical Hits
- Additional increase to Speed

The Location of all 5 Armor Pieces

Mentor's Cloak

Loch Clumbre Hideout - Snotinghamscire

Loch Clumbre Hideout is in the east of Snotinghamscire, at the border to Eurvicscire.

The chest is inside a hut with a barred straw door.
Smash the door and the guard. He has the key to the chest.

Mentor's Mask

Sherwood Hideout - Snotinghamscire

Southwest of the Sherwood Hideout marker, in the camp.
The chest is in one of the upper huts.
Free access.

Mentor's Robes

Saint Lewinna's Church - Guildford - Suthsexe

The Gear Wealth Chest is at Saint Lewinna's Church, Guildford.

Climb up to the tower, where you can shoot down a big cargo bag that is covering the entrance. (screenshot)
Then, work your way down. First destroy the wooden barricade in the floor that keeps you from getting to the ground level.
At ground level, destroy the barricade at the door so you can get into the church.
Here, you must move away a stone shelf that reveals another door - which leads you to the chest.

Mentor's Trousers

Wincestre Garrison - Wincestre - England

In the northern part of the Garrison, is a building you can enter but with a barred door.
You can shoot this barricade from outside through the window.
The chest is locked, but the key is inside on the table.

Mentor's Vambrace

Anderitum Hideout - Southeast of Crawleah - Suthsexe

When you've gone down the Secret Entrance, follow the corridor with the secret entrance in your back.
At the end, you see a blocked passage, where you can shoot off the wood from the slide through passage.
Now go back, grab the oil jar from where the secret entrance is, near the food pot, slide through that passage with the oil jar and use it on the weak wall to the left.
Now follow the corridor all the way to the wealth chest. You will have to destroy a wooden wall on the way.

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