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Melun Hoard Map - Loot Location

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Melun Hoard Map

Map pickup location:
Blihaut, Melunois

Blihaut is in the northeast of Melunois.
The Hoard Map is behind the waterfall, where the Norse Man is looking at.
The Oil Flask needed to open up the closed path behind the waterfall is in the locked room.
The key is underneath the wooden boxes next to the Norse Man.
Carry the Oil Flask to the destructable wall and put it down in front of it.
Now you can shoot it through the water.

The Hoard Map shows a drawing of the environment:
Blihaut in the bottom part and some ruins north of Blihaut with an "X" marking a spot.

Treasure Location:

There are unnamed ruins north of Blihaut, but already in the Amienois Region.
The loot is next to the ruins in the grass.
Reward: Ouroboros Scheme (Back)

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