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Meath, Ireland - All 15 Wealth Collectibles with Detailed Screenshots

All Collectibles in Meath, Ireland

All Wealth Locations and how to get them - 15
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Overview Map
1 - North Kells Abbey
2 - Tullagh Laght
3 - Kells Abbey (5)
4 - Boyne Tombs
5 - Knockfree
6 - Annagh Doo
7 - Inchroe (2)
8 - Ui Neill's Rest
9 - East Border to Dublin (2)

North of Kells Abbey
Tungsten Ingot

Inside a small, open farm house,
North of Kells Abbey, West of Tullagh Laght Waypoint,
is the locked chest.

You'll find the key in the north of the house.
Follow the smoldering fires.
The owner's experiments with a new lamp didn't go very well...

Wealth Treasure - map location
Locked Wealth Treasure - Screenshot location
Locked Wealth Treasure Key - map location
Locked Wealth Treasure Key - location screenshot

Tullagh Laght
Tungsten Ingot

East of Tullagh Laght is an unnamed bandit camp.
A Goliath is carrying a Tungsten Ingot.

Kells Abbey
Trade Post Supplies

Inside an open house to the east of the Abby.

Kells Abbey
Trade Post Supplies

Inside an open house to the south of the Abby.

Kells Abbey
Trade Post Supplies

Inside the small chapel.

Kells Abbey
Trade Post Supplies

Inside the main church.

Kells Abbey
Book of Knowledge

Inside the main church but behind a barred door.
You can go outside, around the church to shoot the lock through a window.

Receive: Vikingr Salute - Melee

Boyne Tombs
Druidic Armor - Torso

The entrance to Boyne Tombs' Underground Cavern is blocked by a destructable wall.
There are oil flasks in the camp above the Cavern.
The Treasure is in the key locked room at the lowest level of the cavern.
The key is one level up on a table.
The Treasure Chest is in the corridor to the right, through the slide-through passage.

You'll get the Torso of the Druidic Armor.

Entrance Boyne Tombs - Screenshot with Oil Flask
Entrance Boyne Tombs - map location
Boyne Tombs Key to locked door - location screenshot
Boyne Tombs Key to locked door - map location

Tungsten Ingot

In the broken tower, the Ingot is under the stairs, blocked by a breakable wall.
Look through the window towards the treasure. You can shoot an Oil Flask.

Annagh Doo
Tungsten Ingot

At the broken tower, the Treasure is under the submerged stairs.
Dive down so you dive underneath the stairs. Smash the wooden wall, open the chest.

Armor: Celtic Bracers

The Celtic Bracers are in a Treasure Chest inside a house.
At first, there is no way visible. It seems as if there is a wooden wall going through the middle of the house.
But then, smash all pottery and a slide-through passage to the chest is reveiled.

Tungsten Ingot

You enter the house with the Treasure Chest.
There is a movable monolith.
Look up. You can destroy the ceiling and use the monolith to climb up.
Once up, there is a iron lattice where you can shoot the Oil Flasks to blow up the wall.
Now you can get the treasure.

Ui Neill's Rest

The Treasure is behind the waterfall at Ui Neill's Rest.
To open this treasure chest, you need to collect the 5 Ui Neill Artifacts first.

Here are they:

Chu Chulainn Shield, Heavy Shield

East Border to Dublin
Tungsten Ingot

There is an unnamed camp. The Ingot is carried by a soldier.

East Border to Dublin
Trade Post Supplies

In the same unnamed camp, there is a chest that needs to be forced open.
Call a Raid.

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