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Meath, Ireland - All 8 Artifacts Collectibles with Detailed Screenshots

All Collectibles in Meath, Ireland

All ArtifactsLocations and how to get them - 4
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Overview Map
1 - South of Armagh
2 - Tullagh Laght
3 - South of Knockfree
4 - East of Inchroe
5 - East of Inchroe
6 - East of Lisdurrow
7 - Durrow
8 - Northwest of Durrow

South of Armagh in the North
Brega Hoard Map

In the open wild, on the road, are a couple of destroyed carts.
The Brega Hoard map is lying there next to a cart and a chest.

It shows a map of a wooden area with round places.

The Treasure location is to the south.
Between Tullagh-Laght Waypoint and Boyne Tombs is another, smaller tomb (not the bandit camp)
Here, at the base, you can find:
Na Pucai Scheme (Shields)

Brega Hoard Map - location on the map
Brega Hoard Map - screenshot location
Brega Hoard Map - TREASURE location on the map
Brega Hoard Map - Treasure Pickup location screenshot

Tullagh Laght
Cursed Symbol

At the base of Tullagh Laght, you will see a couple of big stone monoliths with a red cloth waving in the wind.
There are two entrances to an underground cave.
One has a destroyable wall in front (in the south) and the other one is as small as a window (in the north.)
Go to the northern window, crouch and shoot the oil flask inside to get in.
Then you can go around to the entrance to shoot the symbol.

South of Knockfree
Ui Neill Artifact

South of Knockfree is a hill with stone remains and a passage down.
Down in the cave is a trap nail floor in front of a breakable wall. - The Aritifact behind it.
While looking at the breakable wall, turn left and you will see that you can climb into a hidden room.
Climb inside, smash the pottery to open the passage out.
Take the Oil Flask, place it in front of the breakable wall.
Shoot from a distance.

Passage down to the Artifact
Secret room to the left
Secret room with Oil Flask

East of Inchroe
Southern Ui Neill Hoard Map

Between Inchroe, Annagh Doo and Tara is an unnamed bandit camp.
Inside the tent is the Southern Ui Neill Hoard Map.
It shows a symbol.

The symbol is barely visible on the game map.
It's north of Kells Abbey across the river.

Reward: Na Pucai Scheme (Hull)

Hoard Map - Location on map. East of Inchroe
Bandit Camp: Hoard Map inside the tent.
Hoard Map - Treasure location on the map
Hoard Map - Treasure pickup screenshot

East of Inchroe
Cursed Symbol

Go inside the church and climb up the tree in the center.
From here, you can shoot shomething that is hanging over the symbol.

East of Lisdurrow
Irish Cycle Fragment

There is a lively building east of Lisdurrow by the bridge.
Inside, on the second floor - up the ladder - is the document.

Flying Paper

Catch the Flying Paper on top of the chimney!

Reward: Pict Scheme (Torso)

Northwest of Durrow
Potion of Strength Hoard Map

In the center of the big island in the northwest of Durrow is a house.
The door is barred but you can smash it to get in.
The Treasure Hoard Map is on the table.
It says:
"Potion of Strength

My distant cousin, a venerable elderly druid as am I, lives across the seas in Francia. He taught me the makings of a miraculous potion! It gives whoever drinks it powerful strenght.

I do not have precisely the same herbs, but I plan to make and consume the potion in the northern part of the island where stand massive stones. With the potion, I hope to lift one.

May the spirits be with me."

Treasure Location:

In the north of this same island are some standing stones. One of them is not standing anymore.
The Potion didn't work... will we see another potion quest in the Francia DLC?

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