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Magister's Set - Where to find the Armor Pieces

Magister's Set

- Increase Melee Damage at night
- Additional increase to Ranged Damage

The Location of all 5 Armor Pieces

Magister's Cloak

Serpent's Landing - East Anglia

The Armor is in the top tent. Requires a key that can be picked up at a table by the tent below.

Magister's Mask

King's Bury - East Anglia

The Armor is inside a buiding which door needs to be forced open.

Magister's Robes

Leah Villa Garrison - Oxenefordscire - England

The Armor is inside a buiding with a stone barricaded door.
There are some oil jars in the barn behind this building. The door is barricaded.
Climb on top of the roof. There is a shelf you can move to get inside.
Now use an oil jar to get the Magister's Robes.

Magister's Trousers

Oxenforda - Oxenefordscire - England

The Armor is in the church.
From outside climb onto the bar above the barricaded entrance and destroy the window to get in.
From here, look up. You can shoot a wooden barricade.
Then climb up.
On this floor you have to shoot down the big hanging cargo behind the shelf to move it.
Once you've done that, you can access the chest.

Magister's Vambraces

Buckingham - Oxenefordscire

The armor is in the locked church. The keys are on a bench right outside the locked door.
Unlock the door and go in.
From here you can shoot down the ladder.
Go up and loot the chest.

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