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Lunden - All Mysteries found and collected

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Collectibles > Lunden - Power 90

Londinium Amphitheatre - 1
Falling Stars - World Event

A group of fans are mourning the splitup of the Gleemen west of Londinium Amphitheatre.
All you need to do is find the band members Ysane, Cynewulf and Kitt.

Here's the Map and Screenshot of those three. Find and help them:
1 - Ysane
2 - Cynewulf
3 - Kitt

After you talked to them, go back to the event start and participate at the concert of the Gleemen.

Londinium Amphitheatre - 2

South of the Amphitheatre is a locked villa with a note in front of it.
You need to build the museum at Ravensthorpe to be able to finish this world event.

Lundenwic Abbey
Augusta the Cheerful - Flyting

Augusta does some lovely Flyting!

Temple of Mitras
Last Flight of the Gilden Sparrow - World Event

South of Temple of Mitras by the pier.
Talk to the woman, then dive down to the sunken ship right by the pier.
You can loot 2 chests. One has a "Message in a Bottle" in it.
Return to the woman and she tells you to fish for the rest.
Go fishing until you have a necklace.
Return to the woman.

Temple of Sulis Minerva
The Demon Order of the Tithe - World Event

There is a Norse Man stuck in the warehouse.
Free him by smashing a lot of blue jars and moving away the stone shelves.
Talk to him to finish the event.

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