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Lincolnscire - Where and how to solve all Mysteries Collectibles

All Collectibles in Lincolnscire

All Mysteries Locations - 10
Also available:

The False Ealdormancy - World Event

East of Aelfgarstun is a soldier transporting a prisoner on his horse.
Free the prisoner.

Basilica Ruins
Animus Anomalies

Solve the puzzle with the beams to get to the top.

Bolingbroc Castle
The Ignominous Bandit - World Event

West of Blingborc Castle.
An Anglo Saxon Man is calling for help at the side of the road.
As soon as you talk to him, he and his bandits will attack.
Defeat them.

Caistor Lupus
Gemad-Wulf - Legendary Animal

The Legendary Animal's grounds is in the middle of the ruins.

King of Shitsby - World Event

Enter the church and interact with the throne. Choose your answer, loot the bodies.

The Twit Saga, Part 2 - World Event

Free the norse soldier in the bandit camp and talk to him.
Carry his brother and follow the Norse Soldier to safety.
At the end location, put his brother down, survive the attack and talk to the Norse Soldier again.

Skegi's Beard
Little Victories - World Event

Talk to Skegi, then go and clean out Skegi's Beard of bandits.
You need to find and defeat all of them to finish the event.

Unnamed Location
Fly Agaric

Northwest of Cruwland Fast Travel Point.
Eat the Fly Agaric, defeat the enemies.

Unnamed Location
Stray Naps - World Event

South of Grimsby, underneath a big tree, is a Norse Man sleeping.
He wrote a letter and ask you to take him back to Grimsby.
Call your horse, load him up and ride to Grimsby.
In the southern part of Grimsby is a woman standing in front of a house calling out for "Bjarte".
When you approach her, she asks you to take him inside.
Do that, lay him on the floor and talk to the woman.

Unnamed Location
The Farewell Meow - World Event

West of Grimsby is a woman standing at a grave by a house.
Talk to her.
After that you'll be able to unlock the house und search for 3 items to put on the grave.
Smash everything and push the shelf inward.
Pick up:
- Bowl
- Blanket
- Toy

Interact with the grave and talk to the woman.

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