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Lincolnscire - Where and how to get all Artifact Collectibles

All Collectibles in Lincolnscire

All Artifacts Locations - 13
Also available:

Flying Paper

Follow and catch the Flying Paper at the harbor.

The Rigsogur, Page 9

The Rigsogur, Page 9 is inside a house with a steep roof in the northern part of Grimsby.

Cursed Symbol

The Cursed Symbol is northwest of Lacestone. In the middle of a poisonous lake.
Use the trees to get across the poison (see screenshot).
On the island, go across the bridge.
From this side, you can shoot the wooden wall that protects the Cursed Symbol, then you can destroy it.

Lincoln - 1
Flying Paper

Catch the Flying Paper near the docks.
Reward: Scraelingi Emblem Scheme (Arms)

Lincoln - 2
Roman Artifact

The Roman Artifact is inside a well in Lincoln.
Shoot the wooden top to get inside.

Temple of Pluto
Roman Artifact

The mask is inside the ruins. There are some steps down to some sort of inside pool.
The Roman Artifact is inside the pool.

Lincolnscire Hoard Map

The Hoard Map is inside the house with the lock at the door.
The key is in the water near the boat.

Pickup location
Skegi's Beard
Reward: Speki Symbol Scheme (Front)

The loot treasure is on top of the ruined tower above Skegi's Beard.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Symbol

The cursed location is west from Whisby.
Two houses. One house has a basement with a stone barricade / weak wall blocking the way.
The other house has the oil jars.
Go to the house without the basement and look for a weak wooden wall you can smash from the outside.
Climb inside and onto the platform in the house.
Here's the key for the locked door on the other side of this house.
Unlock the door, get one oil jar and carry it to the stone barricade in the other house.
Once the stone barricade is destroyed, you have free aim at the Cursed Symbol

Unnamed Location
Roman Artifact

The ruins are southeast of Wynmere Lake.
The Roman Artifact is below the ruins.
There is a cave entrance at the base of the hill, east of the ruins.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Symbol

North of Lincoln at a destroyed church.
You need to get on the roof. Best and fastest way is to use the lift on the side of the building.
From here you can shoot the Cursed Symbol.

Unnamed Location
Roman Artifact

South of Grimsby and north of the Fast Travel Point is a Roman Artifact in the ground behind a stone barricade / weak wall.
Shoot down the hanging cargo bag to get the Roman Artifact.

Unnamed Location
Roman Artifact

North of the Cruwland Fast Travel Point is a Roman Artifact locked in a little building.
There is a passage down below you can use to get in.
Inside, shoot the wooden barrier above and climb in.
The Artifact is below the pottery.

Unnamed Location
Roman Artifact

West of Skegi's Beard, southeast of Bolingbroc Castle is a ruined temple.
There are two shelves you can move, oil jars and a stone barricade / weak wall on the floor on the 2nd floor.
Move the shelves so you can use them to parcour an oil jar to the upper floor's weak wall.
Once destroyed, you can climb down and loot the Roman Artifact, a treasure chest and an opal.

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