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Ledecestrescire - All Wealth, Mysteries, Artifacts Locations - Part 2

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Ledecestrescire
Wealth - 28
Mysteries - 16
Artifacts - 13



Cerneley Offering Altar

Between Sudwella Monastery and Wenloch Abbey.
Offer 3 Hare's foot. There are plenty of hares around the altar.

Cairn / Stone stacking

Between Ledecestre and Sudwella Monastery.
Build a stone tower.

Standing Stones

West of Wenloch Abbey, South of Repton.
Put the big picture on the stones together by moving around.
As soon as the system focuses, only use your right stick to correct.

Fly Agaric

Eat the Fly Agaric at following location.
Then you have to go through the gates in the right order.
Look for the seal that is closest to a gate. Go through this gate, than follow the seal around.

Data Anomaly
The Mystery is southwest of Ragnarsson Lookout. Activate it and solve the beam puzzle.

World Event
To start the event, you need to get down to the sewers.
Get outside the town wall to the water. Best follow the snakes and kill them on the way.
Down there, there is a passage into the sewers, where I woman is shouting for eggs.
Talk to her and give her the viper eggs she needs.

Repton - 1

Jungulf wants to flyte north of Repton.

Repton - 2
World Event

Near Repton, on a little island, there is a Skald / Singer.
Sit down and talk to him.
You'll get the key to his house. Go to his house. Inside it a box with songs. Take it to the raider.
You can use a boat at the waterside.

The box respawns in the house if you loose it.

Unnamed Location
A Skald's Lament - World Event
Southeast of Alcestre Monastery.
A tent with a woman and a man, who has eaten something wrong.
Follow him and protect him - then carry him back to the woman.

Unnamed Location
World Event
South of Wenloch Abbey.

The man at the door needs a password.
The clue is on the tree platform at the back of the house.
Win 3 fights.

Reward: BBB Membership

Unnamed Location
World Event
Two guys want to put the house on fire but they don't have fire.
Take out your torch and throw it on the houses' roof.
Soon after, they ask you to find a way inside.
Move the shelf at the back of the house to get in.
When they tell you, search the table, the kegs and the bags for the key.
Get out.

Unnamed Location
World Event
A girl under the tree.
After the conversation, shoot the leaf off the tree.

Unnamed Location
World Event
South of Repton.
An alchemist wants to make an elixir. Get the lichen from the well. Shoot off the top of the well to climb inside.
Then go to the bear den in the west. Follow the path straight ahead. The den is on the other side of the main road.
Slay the  bear and take both ingredients back.

You will wake up at Besuncen Tor, Grantebridgescire.
You'll have to dive out of the cave and return to the alchemist.

Unnamed Location
World Event
Northeast of Ledecestre - People in a locked church.
Find the key. It's outside at a broken gravestone.
Help the Sisters and escort them to safety.

Unnamed Location
World Event
Northeast of Venonis, there is a tower with a lady in it that wants protection.
Attack the soldier in front of the door.
Then she asks you to take his guard place. Do so, until an attacker arrives. Defeat him.

Unnamed Location
Ledecestrescire Sauce - World Event
East of Sudwella Monastery.
A man is making fish sauce and needs an Eel. Either find one or fish one.
There is a swarm of eel's southeast of the event.

Found in the rivers of:
East Anglia

When you have it, add it to the pot!


Ledecestre - 1

A Roman Artifact that is underground.
Go to the location on the map and look for a wooden barricade in the ground that you can shoot.
Climb down the opening and get the Artifact, that is in a statue's hand.

Ledecestre - 2

A Flying Paper Artifact, also in Ledecestre.

Chase the paper to the end location to pick it up. Resets after failure.
Reward: Hulder's Mark Scheme (Front) Tattoo

Repton - 1

A Flying Paper Artifact. Starting point is a lookout tower at the waterside.

This is one of the easier ones. But here's a video if you're having issues.

Reward: Midgard Scheme (Back) Tattoo

Repton - 2

Artifact #2 is a Rigsogur Fragment, also in Repton.

It's in the building where Ivarr is torturing someone when you first meet him. Down in the basement.

Reward: The Rigsogur, Page 1

Tamworth Fortress

A Flying Paper Artifact. Starting point is on the platform above the Flying Paper.
Do a leap of faith and follow the paper through Tamworth Fortress to the pickup location.

Reward: God Hand Scheme (Head) Tattoo

Venonis - 1

A Roman Artifact is on top of the ruins. You can take the ladder up. Shoot the second ladder to use it.

Venonis - 2

Another Artifact is the Ledecestrescire Hoard Map.The starting point is under the bridge, at the water.
Smash everything in that little dead end alley to reveal a little slide through gap in the wall.
Slide through and you can get the Hoard Map.

Unnamed Area

The Artifact is a cursed area east of Tonnastadir.
Shoot the Cursed Symbol up in the tree.

Unnamed Area

Cursed Area west of Alcestre Monastery.
Climb onto the sticks above the well and shoot the well cover.
Now you can climb there and destroy the Cursed Symbol.

Unnamed Area

Cursed Area north of Ragnarsson War Camp
Climb onto the roof. You can either shoot the cursed symbol from there or even drop yourself into the house.

Unnamed Area
Roman Artifact

Northeast of Ledecestre and south of Sudwella Monastery.
In a temple ruin. Climb the center structure and throw an oil can onto the crumbled floor.
The mask is underneath.

Unnamed Area
Roman Artifact

Southwest of Repton.
Climb the ruined tower up to where the movable shelf is.
Move the shelf. The Artifact is behind it.

Unnamed Area
Roman Artifact

South of Tonnastadir.
Climb the ruins, destroy all the boxes / vases to get the mask.

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