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Last Days of the Village Hoard Map solved

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Last Days of the Village Hoard Map

West of Donegal, Ulster

West of Donegal is a dead settlement. One house has 2 barred doors. Enter through the window.
The Hoard map is on the second floor.

It says:
"Last Days of the Village
The plague-stricken village turned to me, a druid, after a bishop had tried to chase away "evil spirits."
Gathered beneath the moon, we prayed to the goddess, not for survival, but for a joyful journey to the place of the dead.
Each villager thanked me in their final moments. My last duty was to collect their treasures and offer them to the sun spirit.
They are hidden on the coast, out of view of the setting sun."

Treasure Location:

On the very west of this settlement, at the cliff.
There is a cave down by the water.
The treasure is inside.
Reward: Norse-Gael Scheme (Back)

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