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Jotunheim - All 33 Wealth Collectibles with Detailed Screenshots - Part 2

All Collectibles in Jotunheim

All Wealth Locations - 33 - Part 2
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Utgard - Fighting Pit

There is a wealth item in the northeast of the Grotto that seems to be underground.
Enter the Fighting Pit in the south of the chest's position and go all the way in to the cages.

Utgard's Keep - 1
Video Time: 00:38

This chest is behind the thorne.

Utgard's Keep - 2
Video Time: 03:25

This chest is high up in the keep, after the Blacksmith's room with the key and the locked door.
You will find the chest right after you've passed the 2 deer in the pen.

Utgard's Keep - 3
Video Time: 03:47

Right after the previous chest, take the stairs up and look left. There is a chest behind a frozen weak wall.
Parcour over, smash the ice and loot the chest.

Utgard's Keep - 4
Video Time: 04:48

The last one is at the very top of the keep.

Unnamed Location

Southwest of Skrymir's Mitten is a Jotun camp.
Smash the ice to get to the chest.

Unnamed Location

Southwest of Skrymir's Mitten is a World Event.
Talk to the woman to start the World Event.
Then smash the door barricade at the lake side, after that go around to the oder side of the door again.
You will notice the "magic skulls here". Slowly approach the door and look at it.
The inside will turn black. Now you can enter.
The chest is at ground floor.

Unnamed Location

Northeast of Thrym's House, Southeast of Utgard is a frozen tower ruin.
Climb the top, where you'll find a locked chest. At the top, take the ladder down inside the tower. Smash weak Ice to get to the bottom.
Now the frozen entrance door is open and you see the tower on the other side. Go through it to the other tower.
You can climb it from the side at the other side.
At the top, go down the ladder, move away the shelf, get the key.
Now you can open the chest on top of the other tower. Take the zipline.

Unnamed Location

Northeast of Aegir's Hall at the coast are 3 Wealth Collectibles that you can't see.

First, we need to see what's there. Look for the two skulls and look right in between them:

Chest 1 is underwater. You have to smash the weak wood to get to it.

Chest 2 is in one of the ship wrecks. If you approach from the wrong side the chest turns into stone.
Approach this chest from the southeast and you can open it.

Chest 3 is in the open ship wreck with the mast. If you approach from the wrong side the chest also turns into stone.
Look out for this passage with the two skulls and you can go open the chest.

Unnamed Location

West of Ymir's Altar is a scene for a wedding.
Walk through the passage with the two skulls and you will see it.
One key is on the island in the pond.
The second key is to the right of the chest under a stone.

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