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Jotunheim - Where and how to get all Wealth Collectibles

All Collectibles in Jotunheim

All Wealth Locations - 33 - Part 1
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Aegir's Hall

The chest is inside the Feast Hall Building at Aegir's Hall, where the Mystery World Event "Aegir's Daughters" starts.
It's on the second floor and requires a key.
Outside the hall, look for the massive ale barrel. The key is at the bottom of it.

Enchanted Tower - 1

The chest is on top of the Enchanted Tower.

Enchanted Tower - 2

The chest is at the bottom of the Enchanted Tower, after using the Leap of Faith from the Fast Travel Point.

Feasting Hall

Go to the kitchen. The chest is on a platform high up. Look around high up there is a shelf you can move so you can get onto the platform.

Heart of the Wood

To get to the Wealth Collectible at the Heart of the Wood, you have to uncover the House of the Mistress of the Iron Wood from the Main Quest first.
To do that you have to stand on a certain position in the Heart of the Wood.
See the round gray magic platform in the Wood? You have to stand between the two skulls and look towards the big tree to let the house appear permanently (see first set of screenshots).

Then scan for the chest key. It's in the top section of the house underneath a smashable wooden box.
Now you can unlock the chest in Angrboda's bedroom (second set of screenshots)

Heart of the Wood - South

South of the Heart of the Wood you cross a bridge. The chest is under the bridge.
Approach the bridge from the northwest and you can smash a weak ice wall to get to the chest.

Leyna Falls

Northwest of Leyna Falls is an old mine.
Outside, there are: a broken staircase into the mine, a shelf you can move, oil jars and 2 hanging cargos you can shoot down.
Shoot the 2 cargos down first. Each of them has a key for the chest.
Then move the shelf so you can use it to get over the broken staircase bit.
Now take an oil jar, go up the staircase into the mine and use it on the stone weak wall to get to the chest.

Serpent's Tree

Northeast of Serpent's Tree is a structure with a weak stone wall at the back.
I couldn't find any oil jars nearby, so I carried one from a Jotun Camp southeast of Skrymir's Mitten (where a wealth collectible is).

Skrymir's Mitten - 1

You'll enter Skimir's Mitten in the "Lost Cauldron" Quest.
This area changes again with magic so it can be a bit confusing.
After getting to the grid barred passage, walk back and another path opened.
Take it and follow the only way inside Skimir's Mitten that is availabe, until you get to the room with the cooked food in the pot and a wooden barricade area.
Smash the barricade. The chest is behind it.

Skrymir's Mitten - 2

The Chest is in the same room as the cauldron.
You need to get onto the rope above your head to get it.
Move the shelf towards the tree stump so you can reach the wooden bar. From there you can get on the rope and open the chest.


The Chest is inside the cave.

Thrym's House - 1

Thryms's House is inside the frozen lake.
Get into the water and dive into the house until you reach a cavern where you can breathe again.
Two men are frozen onto the cavern wall,  the chest is underwater. One of the men has the key.

Thrym's House - 2

Outside again, in the south of Thrym's House lake is a small camp with the chest.

Utgard - 1

The chest is in the roads of Utgard. There is a frozen doorway with a weak ice wall next to it.
Destroy the ice wall and go inside.
Once in, move the shelf so you can jump over the stalagmites onto the wall.
Climb up to the weak ice wall to the right.
Smash it and you can reach the chest.

Utgard - 2

The chest locked up behind a wooden wall, a wooden staircase leading up to it. Guarded by 4.
The key is underneath the staircase. There is a slidethrough passage blocked by a crate.
Carry the crate away so you can get the key.

Utgard - 3

The chest behind a barred door. The door next to it is open and leads to a shelf you can move.
But the shelf is blocked by a crate... move the crate, than move the two shelves to get to the middle section.
Here, move the oil jar first, then pull the shelf aside to get to the chest.

Utgard - 4

The chest behind a stone weak wall on the floor.
Find an oil jar. I found some further up (second set of screenshots) but maybe there are some closer.
The chest is locked and you'll see after scanning, that it's in the neighbor house with a barred door.
More the shelf in the back to shoot the barricade from the window to get in.

Utgard - 5

The chest northeast of the Grotto.
Inside a house behind a straw wall is a locked chest.
The key is outside on the body that hangs from the tree.
Move the shelf to reach it.

Utgard - 6

The chest southwest of the Grotto in the big building. - A small feasting building.
It's on top floor but locked.
On the top floor you can move a shelf so you can jump onto the platform to get on the other side.
There's the key.

Utgard - 7

The chest is southeast of the Enchanted Tower behind a weak stone wall.
You can get an oil jar not far from there in the north (see map at Utgard - 4) wealth item.

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