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Jotunheim - Where and how to get all Mysteries Collectibles

All Collectibles in Jotunheim

All Mysteries Locations - 8
Also available:

Aegir's Hall
Aegir's Daughters - World Event

Talk to Aegir's Daughters in the big center feast house. Ask them for stories and drinks.
When you wake up you want to know what happened.
Go outside and scan for a Big Boar (turns out red in the scan). Walk towards it and Eivor will comment.

Next, look for a house with a cart on the roof. Climb up and examine it. Eivor will comment again.

Next to this house is a big barrel full of ale with a staircase leading to the top. Investigate the broken boat swimming in it.
Eivor will comment and the event is finished.

While you're here, dive for the Feast Hall chest key. It's at the bottom of this massive ale barrel.


Build a stone tower.

Enchanted Tower
The Giants of Fimbulwiar - World Event

South of the Enchanted Tower.
Fight the Stormbringers.

Heart of the Wood
Ratatosk - Flyting

North of the Heart of the Wood.
Flyte and beat Ratatosk the Squirrel.

Legendary Animal

Defeat the Legendary Animal.

Pit of Slaughter - World Event

Enter the building and talk to Dugr.
Then fight the animals.

Unnamed Location
The Puppeteer - World Event

Southwest of Skrymir's Mitten is a World Event.
Talk to the woman to start the World Event.
Then smash the door barricade at the lake side, after that go around to the oder side of the door again.
You will notice the "magic skulls here". Slowly approach the door and look at it.
Inside the man is asleep. Decide what you do with him.
Then return to the woman.

Ymir's Altar
Offering Altar

Offer 33 Ymir's Bloodstones you collected from the Wealth Chests.

Reward: 5 Skill Points

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