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Jorvik - Where and how to solve all Mysteries Collectibles - No Fuss

Warmth of Winter - World Event

At the western part of Jorvik, over the river. Northeast of the Jorvik Theatre.
A boy is selling a Yule Goat.
But it for 100 silver and follow the boy to a grave.
Speak to him again to complete the event.

Bridges of Oppression - World Event

At the waterside of the thicker bridges of the two.
A man is asking for your help.
Carry him up to the bridge. From where you are, go downstairs to the water.
Here you can parcour onto the main land and carry him up to the bridge.

Deviled Water - World Event

East of Coppergate Market by the water are two people cheering up a man, telling him to jump into the water.
It's the man in the boat.
To make him jump, blow your horn.

Silver Wind Elder - World Event

Northwest of Eboracum Sewers is a man who's hunting a pie thief.
Follow him through Jorvik until he says that the thief is near.
Walk up the little corridor the man is standing in and you will find a little girl.
Speak again to the man.

Hertha the Very High - Flyting

Flyte Hertha the Very High.
Answer: 3 - 1 - 2

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