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Jorvik - Where and how to get all Artifact Collectibles - No Fuss

Flying Paper - 1

At the western part of Jorvik, over the river. Northeast of the Jorvik Theatre.
Follow the Flying Paper and catch it!

Reward: Vegvisir Scheme (Back)

Flying Paper - 2

Between the Councillor's House and Coppergate Market.
Catch the Flying Paper!

Reward: Vegvisir Scheme (Front)

Roman Artifact

North of the Eboracum Sewers and southeast of The Minister.
Climb one of the pillars to get to the Artifact.

Royal Hall - East
Roman Artifact

East of Royal Hall, at the base of the big bridge, is a weak wall / stone barricade that requires an oil jar.
You can get Oil Jars at the waterside at the other side of the river (see screenshot).
Use a boat to get an oil jar to the weak wall.

The Minster
Treasure Hoard Map

Inside the Minster, you can move a stone shelf to access the room behind the altar.
The stone shelf is near one of the entrance doors.

Second set of screenshots shows the treasure look location.

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