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Hordafylke - All Collectibles - Wealth, Mysteries, Artifacts

All Collectibles in Hordafylke

All Collectible Locations
2 Wealth - 7 Mysteries - 2 Artifacts

All Wealth Locations - 2

The Book of Knowledge

In the eastern part of Alrekstad is a house with a pigsty in the back.
Shoot the cargo bag in front of the house so you get cellar access.
The cellar door to the Book of Knowledge is locked.
The note in the house tells you where to find it.

Grants: Mark of Death - Ranged Ability

Ulvannos Iron Mine
Carbon Ingot

Ulvannos Iron Mine is in the north of Hordafylke.
The chest is at the very top of the mine in a tent next to the tower.

All Mysteries Locations - 7

The Rekindling - World Event

In the western part of Alrekstad is a woman standing in front of a house.
Talk to her and follow her inside.
Start to smash everything.
After that, throw a torch onto the straw in the middle of the house.
You'll get the key for the chest.

Bear of the Blue Waters - Legendary Animal

Defeat the Legendary Animal

Animus Anomalies

Solve the Animus Beam Puzzle.

Unnamed Location
Battle Born - World Event

East of Alrekstad by the road is a group of kids.
Talk to one of them.
Then follow them to the "Raid".
Smash everything and take care of the straw men.
Talk to the kid again at the end of the "Raid".

Unnamed Location
Lost Drengr

North of Alrekstad.
Defeat the Lost Drengr

Unnamed Location

West of the western Fast Travel Point.
Build a stone tower.

Unnamed Location
Fly Agaric

Southeast of the western Fast Travel Point.
Eat the Fly Agaric and defeat the enemies.

All Artifacts Locations - 2

Alrekstad - 1
Flying Paper South

Catch the Flying Paper in the southern part of Alrekstad.

Reward: Skraelingi Emblem Scheme (Head)

Alrekstad - 2
Flying Paper East

Catch the Flying Paper in the earstern part of Alrekstad.

Reward: Valhalla Blessing Scheme (Front)

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