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Hamtunscire - Where and how to solve all Myteries Collectibles

All Collectibles in Hamtunscire

All Mysteries Locations - 14
Also available:

Aveberie Megaliths
Standing Stone

Climb up onto the high stone and look to the east.

Egbert's Stone
Fly Agaric

Defeat the Enemy.

Splitting Hares - World Event

Talk to the woman at the field.
Shoot all the rabbits.
Best to do it from the top of the roof. Scan often and shoot the blue glow.
Can be buggy. Reload the last save if the last rabbit doesn't trigger the end.

Heald Tor - 1
The Arrow in the Tree - World Event

Talk to the man.
Look up, there is an overhanging branch / leap of faith spot high above.
Climb up, kill the lynx, get the arrow and return to the man.

Heald Tor - 2

Build a stone tower!

Animus Anomalies

At the western point of the big island in the south - The Isle of Wiht.
Solve the beam puzzle

Red Lichen Cavern - 1
Treasure of Britain

A straight forward puzzle. Look out for the white path markings. They lead you all the way.
Use fire against the poison.

Red Lichen Cavern - 2
We are all Monsters - World Event

North of the Red Lichen Cavern is a man attacked by a bear. Help him and speak to him afterwards.

Standing Stones

Stay in the middle and look to the north north west.

The Dark Weald
Wildcats of the Weald - Legendary Animal

Defeat the two Lynx

Treasure of Britain

Northeast of Chepeham.
Follow the cave until you reach the water. Take the boat until you see steps.
Leave the boat and go up to the chest.
See the plank of wood, the white paint path markings on the other side?
Cross over and follow the white markings.
You'll get to the puzzle part.
Pull out your torch and set the oil jars on fire. Things will explode and open up a slide through passage to the Treasure of Britain.

Unnamed Location
Fighting Faith - World Event

Talk to the man west of Wincestre.
Fight Faith.

Unnamed Location

Flyte Fenn the Wistful north of Wincestre.

Unnamed Location
The Devil has all the Best Tunes - World Event

Speak to the Singer.
Take the drinking challenge.
Fight the Singer.

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