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Glowecestrescire - Where and how to get all Wealth Collectibles

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Glowechestrescire

All Collectibles in Glowecestrescire

All Wealth Locations - 14
Also available:

Aelfwood - 1
Tungsten Ingot

In the northeast of Aelfwood is a bandit camp. The chest is inside the camp with the wooden, breakable door. And below wooden, breakable floorboards.
The key is further up on a table.

Aelfwood - 2
Tungsten Ingot

The Tungsten Ingot is carried by an Elite Soldier at Aelfwood Camp.

Aelfwood - 3
Armor: Thegn's Breeches

Thegn's Breeches are behind a locked secret entrance in the western part of Aelfwood Camp.
The Key is carried by one of 2 Elites having a break at the site right above the Armor collectible.

Aelfwood - 4
Book of Knowledge

The Book of Knowledge is in one of the Secret Entrances of Aelfwood Camp.
In the southwestern one, enter and notice the big bandit flag covering an entrance.
The Book of Knowledge is behind it.

Grants: Feign Death - Melee Ability

Belas Knap

The mound Belas Knap has 4 entrances.
The main entrance in the north is blocked by a weak stone wall and can be destroyed with the nearby Oil Jar.
The chest inside Belas Knap needs 3 keys.
Use the road around Belas Knap and you will quickly see the other 3 entrance points. Each one has a key.

Key 1 - The southwestern entrance. Requires you to move a shelf to get the key.
Key 2 - The southeastern entrance. Full of poison. Throw a torch and get the key.
Key 2. The western entrance. Smash everything and pick up the key.

Reward: The Morrigan's Guard (Light Shield)

Druid's Cottage
Tungsten Ingot

Druid's Cottage is in the eastern part of Glowecestrescire.
Climb on the tree's and jump into the fenced off part of the water. Then dive down to the chest.

Tungsten Ingot

In the center of Glowecestre, by the big tree, is a wood covered well.
Destroy the wood top and climb down. There is a big stone you can move aside. Smash the pottery first (snakes!), then you can loot the chest.

Glowecestre - St. Kenhelm's Church
Tungsten Ingot

North of the church is another, little church with a barred door.
On one side, there is a weak stone wall, on the other a movable shelf.
First smash the boxes near the shelf and move it aside so the window is visible.
Smash the window.
Now you'll see the oil jars inside. Shoot them to open the weak wall passage.
Now you can loot the wealth chest.

Offering Altar
Tungsten Ingot

West of Glowecestre, below the Offering Altar, is a weak stone wall and a Tungsten Ingot Wealth Chest behind it.
Follow the path up to the Offering Altar and you'll find an oil jar next to a cart (see screenshots)

Temple of Ceres Bureau - 1
Tungsten Ingot

In the very west of Glowecestrescire, in the Forest of Denu, is the Temple of Ceres Bureau.

Enter the Temple by taking the entrance steps down.
- In the first room is a barred door and some pottery that hide a Slide Through Passage. Take it.
- In the next room is a stone weak wall and a poisonous gas passage.
- There is a small treasure chest behind the weak wall. An oil jar is at the end of the poisonous passage. Throw a torch to avoid the gas.
- Also at the end of the poisonous passage is a weak wooden floor. Smash it and go through.
- Next is a big poison gas filled hall. The chest is in the western part of this hall behind the weak stone wall.
- Now take the passage out of the hall and you'll find oil jars to get to the chest.

Temple of Ceres Bureau - 2
Armor: Hidden One's Leggins

- Now go back to the corridor with the oil jars. Take one with you and follow the path up.
- Throw it on the weak stone wall and you can enter the Bureau.
The Chest with the Hidden One's Leggins is in the center.

Thieves' Warren - 1
Tungsten Ingot

In the northern part of Thieves' Warren, inside a little house is a locked chest.
The key is inside one of the hanging cages. Climb up and let yourself drop down the cage to get it.

Thieves' Warren - 2
Tungsten Ingot

In the southern part of Thieves' Warren, inside a little storage mound, you can move away a shelf.
Go through the door and you'll find the wealth chest.

Thieves' Warren - 3
Book of Knowledge

In the center of the camp is a barred hut.
You can get inside through the canals below.

Grants: Vengeance of Thor - Melee Ability

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