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Glowecestrescire - All Mysteries Solved - No Fuss

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Glowechestrescire

All Collectibles in Glowecestrescire

All Mysteries Locations - 11
Also available:

Cleeve Hill

Stack the stones!

Devil's Quoits
Standing Stones

Devil's Quoits standing stones are in the southeastern tip of Glowecestrescire, west of Oxeneforda.
To solve this puzzle, you need to get on the boat nearby.
Stay close to the short shone near the water that is the only piece missing in the picture of the center stones.
The screenshots show the exact position.

Dearly Bee-loved - World Event

Gil wants you to deliver a love letter to a bee farmer he fancies.
If you look in the direction he's looking, there are some people working in a field full of blue flowers.
Pick the man with the redish hair on the platform full of honey.
Then see what happens with those two at the meeting point (second set of screenshots).

Maen Ceti

Stack the stones!

Offering Altar

Offer 10 Bullheads (small)

Here's where you can find Bullheads:

Found in the rivers of:
East Anglia

I went to Grantbridgescire, took a small boat at the river and scanned for Bullheads. After some practice you'll learn to differentiate the fish...

Standing Stones

Look out for the stone that you have to get very close to in the screenshot to form the symbol.
Map screenshot shows exact location.

Thieves' Warren
The Goddess of Birth - World Event

Northwest of the Thieves' Warren is a woman moaning at the roadside.
She doesn't need help but you can ride her.
Mount the nearby horse and she'll come to sit behind you.
Follow the road east up the hill to the ruins.
Unmount near the altar.

Unnamed Location
Fly Agaric

Shoot the flames of the blue-white flag statues so they turn blue.

Unnamed Location
Lady of the Lake - World Event

Southwest of Glowecestrescire is a house with a singing woman.
Talk to her and the house opens.
Escape by moving the shelf and jumping out of the window.
Defeat the woman.

Unnamed Location
The Horn of Ragnar - World Event

In the southeastern tip of Glowecestrescire, west of Oxeneforda is a man that needs help force opening his house.
Do so and get inside.
Move away the shelves and take the locket.
Now the real house owner arrives. Decide what to do...

Unnamed Location
The Body - World Event

In the southeastern tip of Glowecestrescire, west of Oxeneforda two kids are playing with a dead body.
Another boy ran off with the axe.
He's in the northwest (second set of screenshots). Get the axe and return it to the body.

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