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Glowecestrescire - Where and how to get all Artifact Collectibles

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Glowechestrescire

All Collectibles in Glowecestrescire

All Artifacts Locations - 11
Also available:

Belas Knap - 1
Roman Artifact

In the northwest of Belas Knap, east of Glowecestre, is a weak stone wall in the floor at the base of some temple ruins.
The Oil Jar for the weak stone wall is at Belas Knap (the marker on the map).

Belas Knap - 2
Cursed Symbol

South of Belas Knap is a Cursed Symbol.
You can shoot it if you stay high up. It's in the trees.

Cragstone Watchtower
Cursed Symbol

The Cursed Symbol is in the locked house.
The key is on the hill towards the Fast Travel point. Use your scan.

Forest of Denu
Roman Artifact

The Forest of Denu is in the far western part of Glowecestreshire.
West of the Forst of Denu Map Marker are the ruins.
The Roman Artifact is buried underneath a pile of rocks, guarded by bears.

Glowecestre - 1
Flying Paper

Catch the Flying Paper! - You need to jump off the high pole to start the paper.

Reward: Vegvisir Scheme (Head)

Glowecestre - 2
Roman Artifact

On top of a pillar.

Glowecestre - 3
Flying Paper

Catch the Flying Paper!

Reward: Vestri Wind Scheme (Arms)

Glowecestre - St. Kenhelm's Falls
Roman Artifact

The Roman Artifact is close to the ruins on a base of a tree - next to a dead body.

Sabrina's Spring
Treasure Hoard Map

Sabrina's Spring is east of the center Fast Travel Point northeast of Glowecestre.

The Glowecestreshire Hoard Map is in the bowl of the statue.

Pickup point (Second set of Screenshots)

At Maen Ceti (Cairns) in the northwest of Glowecestrescire. Look out for the big stone you can move. Carry a stone away first so you can move the stone.

Thieves' Warren
Roman Artifact

The Roman Artifact is in the ruins northwest of Thieve's Warren.
At the base of the ruins is a crack in the wall where you can squeeze through.
The Artifact is underneath a weak wooden wall.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Symbol

The Cursed Symbol is in the far west of Glowecestrescire, west of Thieves' Warren.

Enter the cave, turn around and look up.
The Cursed Symbol is above the entrance.

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