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Huntsman Set - Where to find the Armor Pieces

Galloglach Set

- Increase Melee Resistance when hitting enemies with finishers
- Additional increase to Melee Damage

The Location of all 5 Armor Pieces

Galloglach Armor

Spalding Bandit Lair - Lincolnschire - England

The Galloglach Armor is inside the building with the lock.
An Elite Soldier has the key.

Galloglach Bracers

Lincoln - Lincolnschire - England

The Galloglach Bracers chest is easy accessible in a heavily guarded building.

Galloglach Cape

Brentwood Outpost - Essexe - England

The chest is inside a small, locked house near the animal cages.
The key is on a table next to the animal cages.

Galloglach Helm

Halstead Outpost - Essexe - England

At Halstead Outpost, there is a barred door. The Gear Wealth Chest is behind it.
Above this room is a grid window in the floor, where you can shoot the barricade from.

Galloglach Trousers

Bolingbroc Castle - Lincolnscire - England

The chest is in the outer ring of Bolingbroc Castle. There is a locked door, leading to the bridge that goes to the inner castle ring.
One of the Elite Soldiers in the outer ring has the key.
Open the door and you will see a house filled with soldiers.
The armor is in this house.

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