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Eurvicscire - Where and how to solve all Mysteries Collectibles

All Collectibles in Eurvicscire

All Mysteries Locations - 16
Also available:

Bleasby Swamp
The Blood Swine - Legendary Animal

Bleasby Swamp is in the south of Eurvicscire.
Defeat the Blood Swine

Brunton Turret
Nokkfylla Shine-Eye - Lost Drengr

Brunton Turret is the Fast Travel Point in the far north.

The Lost Drengr is here. Fight him.

Dobby's Altar
Offering Altar

Offer 5 Fabric.

Art-Scop - World Event

Talk to Berk the Bard and pay the silver for the song. You can steal it back afterwards.


Ingelborg is west of Wiccan's Cave and north of Elmet Monastery.
You have to build this really high. Look for the even surfaces!

Olikana Tower
Sunken Hope - World Event

Olikana Tower is the Fast Travel Point west of Jorvik.

There are 2 girls waiting for their father to come up from his dive for treasure in the center of the tower.
Dive down, loot what you can near the father's body and dive up again to tell them the news...

Borghild the Alewife's Bane - Flyting

Flyte with Borghild.

Rodestran Monolith
Standing Stones

Form the correct symbol with the stones.
You have to smash the ice pool on the floor to get into the correct position (see screenshots)

Crushed Dreams - World Event

Down by the waterside at Scarborough Fast Travel Point is a dead man.
Read the letter and you will receive a ring. For his wife at Picheringa.
Ride to Picheringa. The wife has a little stand at the market (second set of screenshots).
Talk to her.

Taedden's Shelf
Historia de Cordibus Pathetic - World Event

Taedden's Shelf is at the river northwest of Donecaestre.

Talk to the woman in front of the house and tell her to wait since you want to look for clues.
Investigate the barrels and the letter on the table.
Talk to her again.

Thornburg Henges
Animus Anomalies

North of Jorvik.

You can solve the whole beam puzzle just with the right side of the puzzle...

Wiccan's Cave
Treasure of Britain

Wiccan's Cave is west of Jorvik and south of the Olikana Tower Fast Travel Point.

It's part of the story quest to cross this cave.
Follow the white markings until you get to a small room with wooden beams and a witches' curse text to read on the floor.
Be aware that there are arrows on those beams.
Look around, there is a weak ice wall nearby. Smash it, go through.
Smash the right wooden wall, go through and destroy the wooden boxes to shoot the oil jars through the grid window.
Now, go on the other side and shoot the barricade off the room's door so you can enter and take the Treasure of Britain.

Unnamed Location
Gotafrid Fairrobes - Lost Drengr

Northwest of Wyke, northeast of Tmeple of Brigantia.
Defeat Gotafrid Fairrobes in battle.

Unnamed Location
The Village: Jurthgard

Right at an Anchor Fast Travel Point West of Threaded Pass, East of Jorvik.
You will approach the houses and Eivor will say: There's a stench in the air.
There is a woman running around in the village. Follow her into a house, talk to her and pick your answer.

Unnamed Location
Dellingr Rabbit - World Event

The World Event is northwest of Picheringa.
Talk to the man, fight and win.

Unnamed Location
Fly Agaric

Northwest of Picheringa.
Fight the enemies.

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