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Eurvicscire - Where and how to get all Artifact Collectibles

All Collectibles in Eurvicscire

All Artifacts Locations - 8
Also available:

Dalby Forest
Cursed Symbol

The Cursed Symbol location is in the northeastern part of Dalby Forest, northeast of Jorvik.

The Cursed Symbol is high up in the tree.
You can go up a tree and shoot the Symbol from the top.
Don't forget to pick up the key and the base of the main tree.

Donecaestre - 1
Flying Paper

Catch the Flying Paper!

Reward: Auki Sign Scheme (Back)

Donecaestre - 2
Roman Artifact

At the east of Donecaestre wall is a passage that goes underneath the wall.
There is a slide through passage, where you can get the Roman Artifact.

Donecaestre - 3
Flying Paper

Catch the Flying Paper!

Reward: Norse Emblem Scheme (Head)

Petuaria Ruins
Treasure Hoard Map

Petuaria Ruins is northeast of Temple of Brigantia.

The Eurvicscire Hoard Map is on top of the ruins.

The second set of screenshots show the loot treasure location.
Currently bugged for me - loot does not prompt.

Ritual Circle
Cursed Symbol

The Cursed Symbol location is northwest of Jorvik, northwest of Stenwege Camp.

There are steps going down the Ritual Circle to a locked door.
The key is in the frozen lake.
Look out for 2 patches of lighter, weak ice that you can smash.
Do so and dive for the key.
Go back and open the door to destroy the Cursed Symbol.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Symbol

The Cursed Symbol location is east of Anlaf's Lookout Fast Travel Point.

Climb the ruined tower. You can shoot the ladder to climb the last bit.
The Cursed Symbol is at the top.

Unnamed Location
Roman Artifact

The Roman Artifact ruins are west of Jorvik's Eboracum Bureau and West of Alortun, Eurvicscire.

At the Roman Artifact Ruins, destroy the wooden barriers blocking the staircase down.
Down there is a weak wall that usually requires an oil jar. But instead, look on the floor where the grid barred slide through passage is.
Full of oil. Take out your torch and throw it to open the weak wall passage.

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