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Essexe - Where and how to solve all Mysteries Collectibles - no fuss

Agnitum Tower
The Prodigy - World Event

Talk to the man at Agnitum Tower who has the same hairstyle as Keith Flint, singer from The Prodigy.
Then talk to the Bishop and defeat him in a fist fight.

Beorn Cavern
Devil's Hole - World Event

Talk to the man in front of the cavern and go inside to solve the issue.

Lady Ellette of Colchester - Flyting

Flyte Lady Ellette

Halstead Outpost - 1
Fly Agaric

Northeast of Halstead Outpost is a Fly Agaric.
After eating it, you will see 6 statues with shields and a fire pit around the gate.
The fires can be either red or blue.
With your back to the gate, turn those fires into these colours from left to right.

Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red

Halstead Outpost - 2
Lonely House with Pigs - World Event

Southeast of Halstead Outpost is a house near a pigsty.
Inside is a young maiden calling.
Pick the flowers from the nearby grave and go in.

Old Cellar
Treasure of Britain

The Entrance Point for Treasure of Britain is a cave.
Follow the cave all the way in. This is quite straight forward with no weird path puzzles involved.
Until you reach an old wine cellar.
Shoot the barrels open so, after enough liquid has run into the center shaft in the floor, you can pick up the Reward.

Walhdenu Altar - 1
Offering Altar

The Altar is southeast of Walden and southwest of Halstead Outpost.

Requires: 50 Iron Ore

Walhdenu Altar - 2
The Riddler - World Event

The Event is southeast of Walden and southwest of Halstead Outpost.
Talk to the man. The answers to his riddles are:
1 - Lock & Key
2 - Bagpipes
3 - A Storm

Unnamed Location
The Gleewoman - World Event

The Event starts in the south of Essexe, between Wulfaswic and Epinga Forest.

Free the tied up woman and talk to her.
After a while, talk to her again and buy your freedom.

Unnamed Location
The Boar with the Golden Nose - World Event

The Event is south of Brentwood Outpost.
A man with a boar. Talk to the man and follow Lady Trotters until she finds treasure.
When the man leaves to have a nap, pick up the treasure and keep on following her and picking up treasure, until you have to defend her from hostiles.

Unnamed Location
Take me a Husband - World Event

Near the eastern water Fast Travel Point, South of Port Walton is a house with a woman in front.
Talk to her.
Then go to the house in the northwest with the red flowers in front.
Talk to the man with the red hair.
Fight him, tie him up and carry him back to the woman inside the house.

Unnamed Location
The Banshee - World Event

Between Maeldun and Wulfaswic in the south.
A grieving man hears his dead wife howl.
Look up into the ruins. There is a wood barred window through which the wind blows.
Shoot the wood.
Defeat the man.

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