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Essexe - Where and how to get all Artifact Collectibles - no fuss

Agnitum Tower
Roman Artifact

At Agnitum Tower, have a look around for steps leading into the tower.
There is a weak wall / stone barricade in the floor upstairs.
From here, there is another staircase leading up. That's where the oil jars are.
You can throw one down onto the stone barricade.

Now, go down and collect the Roman Artifact from a statue's face.

Colcestre - 1
Roman Artifact

North of the Ealdorman's House in Colcestre.
Climb onto the building and you'll see the Roman Artifact mask with some debris.

Colcestre - 2
Roman Artifact

At the hay storage.
Smash a wooden wall and carry away a hay ball to get the Roman Artifact.

Colcestre - 3
Flying Paper

Catch the Flying Paper

Reward: Midgard Scheme (Front)

Colcestre - 4
Flying Paper

Catch the Flying Paper

Reward: Vestri Wind Scheme (Head)

Colcestre - Ealdorman's House
The Rigsogur, Page 8

Inside the Eldorman's House in one of the upstairs chambers is The Rigsogur, Page 8

Colcestre - Sancta Helena's Church
Treasure Hoard Map

The Treasure Hoard Map is high up in the Church's tower.
There is a locked door in the open accessible church.
To get the key, look for a shelf you can move at ground level outside of the church.
Move it away, smash the window behind it and get the key from the inside.
Now you can open the locked door in the church.
On the other side is a ladder you can't reach.
Move the available shelf underneath the ladder so you can go one floor up.
Up there, shoot the second ladder to get to the top where the Treasure Hoard Map is.

Epinga Forest
Cursed Symbol

The Cursed Symbol is inside a wooden box high up in the tree.
Climb the pole with the skull on it.
From there, you can shoot the wood off the box. Then shoot again to hit the Cursed Symbol.

Unnamed Location
Roman Artifact

The Artifact is in the south of Essexe, between Wulfaswic and Epinga Forest.

Right above a World Event Mystery, on top of a ruined tower, is a big stone that you can move away to get the Roman Artifact.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Object

The Cursed Object is North of Colcestre.
Find the entrance to the mound. Enter it and move the big stone to the left.
The Cursed Object is right in there.
Arrows didn't work so I went melee to destroy it.

Unnamed Location
Roman Artifact

The Artifact is high up on a tree southeast of Colcestre.
Climb onto the ruins to get up on the tree. Let the silver coin trail guide you to the Roman Artifact.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Symbol

The Cursed Symbol is hanging in a tree in the northwestern part of Essexe, between Walden and Sancta Maria's Abbey.
Use the trees around the Cursed Symbol to get to a height where you can shoot the Symbol.

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