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Dublin, Ireland - All 4 Artifacts Collectibles with Detailed Screenshots

Dublin, Ireland
All 4 Artifacts Locations and how to find them
Also available:

1 - Between Dublin and Rathdown
2 - King's Hall
3 - Dublin Town
4 - South of Dublin Town at the Coast

Between Dublin and Rathdown
UI NEILL Artifact

On the land strip between Dublin Town and Rathdown is a stone structure.
The Artifact is behind a destructable wall. But no oil flask around. It is behind the wall.
Use the two trees or the tall stick to climb on the rope above the structure.
On the southern wall (screenshots) you can destoy a wooden wall.
Now you can see and shoot the oil flask.

King's Hall
Tatha De Danann

On the second floor of the King's Hall, in the bedroom is the Irish Cycle Page.

Dublin Town
Flying Paper

Reward: Pict Scheme (head) tattoo.

Screenshot below show start and end point.

Start Position on the Map
Start Position Screenshot
End Position on the Map
End Position Screenshot

South Coast
Dublin Hoard Map

At the southeastern coast, south of Dublin Town, there is Treasure Hoard map inside a locked cave.
The key is inside the water right by the small pier.
Now you can unlock the gate and get the Dublin Hoard Map.

The Treasure is in the field east of Rathdown (see screenshots below)
Reward: Na Pucai Scheme (Tailpiece)

Locked Cave - map location
Locked Cave - screenshot location
Key - map location
Key - screenshot location
Dublin Hoard Map - Treasure Location on map
Dublin Hoard Map - Treasure Screenshot Location
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