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Connacht, Ireland - All 18 Wealth Collectibles with Detailed Screenshots

Connacht, Ireland
All Wealth Locations and how to get them - 18
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Overview Map
1 - Cashelore (2)
2 - Northeast Drumlish
3 - Kesh Gorann
4 - Northwest Rathcroghan
5 - West of Drumlish
6 - Rathcroghan (2)
7 - Southwest Knockfree (2)
8 - Tuam (2)
9 - Kiltober
10 - Lackanscaul
11 - Clonfert Abbey (4)

Tungsten Ingot

Under the castle wall, there is a barred door to the treasure.
You can see the treasure and the barred door from the other side.
Shoot it open.

Celtic Breeches

At the northern castle circle / part, look for those two stone shelves that you can move.
They hide the entrance to the Treasure.
The goal is to move the small one in. Move it around a bit until you see the box behind it.
When you do, shoot the box so you can move the smal shelf inwards.
Now you can go inside to open the Treasure.

Northeast Drumlish
Trade Post Supplies

The chest is East of Cashelore and northeast of Drumlish in an unnamed bandit camp.
Call a raid to open it.

Kesh Gorann
Druidic Breaches

Kesh Gorann is a druid hideout in the northwest of Connacht, south of Ppor Auley.

The entrance to the cavern is blocked by a barred door and a destroyable wall.
To destroy the wall, climb on top of it and shoot the Oil Flask down below (it is barely visible).

Inside the cavern you can unlock the barred door. In the same area is a box you can destroy.
It reveals the passage to the treasure and to Cummascach, Children of Danu.

Inside the Treasure Box you'll find the Druidic Breaches.

Kesh Gorann Destroyable Wall - Location on map
How to shoot the Oil Flask

Northwest Rathcroghan
Tungsten Ingot

There is an unnamed bandit camp northwest of Rathcroghan.
An Elite Bandit carries a Tungsten Ingot.

West of Drumlish
Trade Post Supplies

There is an unnamed druid camp west of Drumlish by the water.
Start a raid to force open the Chest.

Celtic Armor

The chest is inside the highest house in town.
The door is locked, though.
The Chieftain has the key. He has his tent near the tower just north west of the house.

Tungsten Ingot

The chest is inside a house in the south, the low settlement area of Rathcroghan.

You can sneak inside the to get it.

Southwest Knockfree
Tungsten Ingot

There is a unnamed bandit camp on an island in Shannon River in the Southwest of Knockfree.
An Elite fighter carries a Tungsten Ingot.

Southwest Knockfree
Trade Post Supplies

Start a Raid to force open the Chest with the Trade Post Supplies.

Book of Knowledge

Tuam is in the Southwest of Connacht, at the map border.

Find the underground entrance - a big hole in the ground at the village.
Dive down and follow the path into a prison area. The Book of Knowledge is here.

Grants: Irish Wolfhound (Ranged)

Tungsten Ingot

The chest is in Tuam Village, inside a house with a barred door.
You can go through one of the windows though.

Tungsten Ingot

The chest is in the camp, at the center, in the house with the locked door.
The Elite Druid has the key.

Ceremonial Sickle

The chest can be easily accessed after defeating The Cursed

Clonfert Abbey
Trade Post Supplies

The Chest is outside of a house in the northern part of the Abbey.

Clonfert Abbey
Trade Post Supplies

The Chest is inside the small chapel.

Clonfert Abbey
Trade Post Supplies

The Chest is inside a small storage hut in the west of the Abbey.

Clonfert Abbey
Trade Post Supplies

The Chest is inside the main, locked church.
You can get inside by breaking one of the windows in the back and then opening the door.

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