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Connacht, Ireland - All 9 Artifacts Collectibles with Detailed Screenshots

Connacht, Ireland
All Artifacts Locations and how to get them - 9
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Overview Map
1 - Downpatrick Head
2 - Ben Bulben
3 - West of Ratheroghan
4 - Ratheroghan
5 - Asfinn
6 - Lough Tuam
7 - Between Lough Tuam and Lough Rea
8 - Rough Rea Lake
9 - Between Lackanscaul and Clonfert Abbey

Downpatrick Head
Connacht Hoard Map

Downpatrick Head is the Island north of Port Auley.

The Hoard Map is in in the north of the Island by the water.
It's underneath a destructable floor.
Look up. There is a lit path. Go up on that path and walk west.
Around the corner are the oil flasks.
Take one and throw it on the floor to get the map.

The map shows a drawing of an island and a well.

Treasure Location:

Open your map. Southeast of Port Auley and northeast of Ratheroghan is an island in the river.
Go down the deep pit to the well.
Destroy the lid and climb down.
It's there in the corner.

Reward: Na Pucai Scheme (Sail)

Game Map - Destructable Floor location
On the lit path - looking down to destructable floor
Game Map - Oil Flask location
Oil Flask location screenshot
Game Map - Treasure Location
Picking up the treasure

Ben Bulben
Cursed Object

North of Ben Bulben down by the Cliff, you can shoot the Cursed Object from high up.

West of Ratheroghan
Irish Cycle Page

The Irish Cycle Page is west of Ratheroghan in a house full of Murderers that are waiting for you to enter.
The document is underneath destructable floor boards.

Flying Paper

The Flying Paper starts at the north of Rathcroghan and ends in the south.
Remember: You can always choose to run to the end point and wait for the paper there.

Reward: Pict Scheme (Back)

Flying Paper - Game Map start
Start point screenshot
Flying Paper - Game Map end
End point screenshot

Irish Cycle Page

In front of the druid's hut, on a table, is the Irish Cycle Page.

Lough Tuam
Cursed Object

At the southeastern shore of Lough Tuam is a Cursed Object high up on the tree.
Go onto that little island. You can shoot the Object from the south.

Between Lough Tuam and Lough Rea
Dream of Druids Hoard Map

Between the two lakes in the southwest of Connacht is a little altar in a rock.
There is the Hoard Map and a Key next to it. The Key is for a chest in Carnagan.

It says:
" The stones stand
In silent circle
Water washed
Spirit inspired
The northernmost lough
In all Connacht
Center yourself there"

The Treasure is not at the northernmost lake of the whole Connacht area. That would be Lough Glencar.
But it's at the northernmost lake of Connacht "Island", Lough Gara.
The Treasure is in the "Eye" in the center.

Reward: Norse-Gael Scheme (Torso)

Treasure Hoard Map - Pickup on the map
Treasure Hoard Map - location screenshot
Treasure Hoard Map - Location on Game Map
Treasure Pickup Screenshot

Lough Rea Lake
To my Friend, the Priest Hoard Map

The Hoard Map can be found south of Kiltober, near Lake Lough Rea.
It is next to a broken cart and a body.

It says:
" Though you do not believe in the earth spirits, the wind spirits tell me the signs are clear. Do not journey to your wife's crypt.
Unlike me and the other peaceful druids, the druids of Kiltober have turned to darkness. They are determided to destroy your kind.
Your wife now exists wherever you find yourself, no need to make dangerous pilgrimages!
- Your pagan friend, Mara"

The Treasure is in the north at Kiltober.
The building in the camp is a chapel, crypts are usually under the chapel.
There are some stairs leading down at the back of it.
That's where the Treasure is.

Treasure Hoard Map - Pickup on the map
Treasure Hoard Map - location screenshot
Treasure pickup on the map
Treasure location screenshot

Between Lackanscaul and Clonfert Abbey
Ui Neill Artifact

The Artifact is in the very south of Connacht.
Between Lackanscaul and Clonfert Abbey is a cave entrance with a destructable wall.
Luckily there are two oil flasks in front of it.
After shooting them and going in, you will notice that there is gas.
Take out your torch and throw it towards the middle of the room.
This will blow up another destructable wall on the floor.
You can now access the Artifact.

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