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Grantebridgescire - All 15 Mysteries Collectibles - Overview Map and Detailed Screenshots

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All Mysteries in Grantebridgescire

This is our complete Grantebridgescire Mysteries Collectibles guide.
There are 15 Mystery Collectibles in Grantebridgescire.
Written by: Avi Pitfield  (Camzillasmom)
Maps compiled by: Avi Pitfield  (Camzillasmom). Click maps to enlarge.
Screenshots provided by Ubisoft

Also available:

Unnamed Location
The Devout Troll - World Event

North of Wycham.
Talk to the monk. Then kill the cow, destroy the boxes and burn his house.
He gets up and you can pick up the key on the chair.
Open the shed, go in and then confront him.

Spalda Fens
Goneril - Daughter of Lerion

North of Isle of Ely is Spalda Fens.
Interact with the corpse and fight Goneril.

Reward: Thor's Breeches - Pants
Reward: Goneril's Dagger

The Wound-Wands of Friends - World Event

You'll meet a Norse Warrior with an axe in his head.
Have a conversation and help him.

Unnamed Location
Fly Agaric

Southeast of Isle of Ely Monestery.
Eat the Fly Agaric.
Then light those fires in a blue colour that are standing next to a gate.
If there's no "gate" when you look to the fire from the center, light it red. If there is a "gate" light it blue.

Unnamed Location
Elisdon Altar - Offering Altar

Southwest of Besuncen Tor.
Offer 10 Bullhead (small). You can fish for them near Ravensthorpe.

Unnamed Location
Degolas the Beautiful - World Event

North of Duroliponte Fast Travel Point.
A boy is complaining about the stinking crates in the house.
Carry the 4 crates out of the house - throw torches in to get rid of the gas.
Then follow the boy down to the pond, where his father is.
Shoot the wooden platform his father is standing on.
Talk to the father back at the house.

Unnamed Location
Path to the Wind-Blue - World Event

South of Soham Hideout.
Talk to the blind Norse Man at the location.
Follow him and light the Firepits along the way.
At some stage you have to cross over to Soham Hideout.
There you can talk to him and finish the event.

Unnamed Location
Winchell the Robesfree - World Event

Southwest of Besuncen Tor.
Talk to Winchell.
Than go down to his former community and talk to the dancing woman.
Steal the crate by the tent and take it to Winchell.

Unnamed Location
The Cult of Saint Guthlac - World Event

Southwest of Earnningstone.
A monk had an accident with his cart. Help him carry his apples to a farm.

Unnamed Location
The Lord of Norsexe - World Event

On the Island west of Grantebridge.
Talk to the Norse Man. He wants you to get his Ring from his ship wreck.
You'll see the ship wreck when you go down the path towards the water.
Dive down to the dead man and loot him for the ring.
Return the ring and decide the Norse Man's fate.

Grantebridge - 1
The Doom Book of Cats - World Event

North of Grantebridge is a farmer complaining about rats in the field.
Go to the woman next door and charm her with your Level 2 Flyting Skill.
She will give you the key to her house. Open it to release the cat.
The farmer is so grateful he will give you the key to his house.

Grantebridge - 2
Fergal the Faceless - Flyting

Talk to the woman outside the house.
Then enter the house, sit and flyte.

Unnamed Location
The Walloper - World Event

Between Meldeburne and Walden. Southeast of the Black Peak Synchronization Point.
Beat the Walloper at boxing and pick up his treasure in the house.

Unnamed Location
The Infinite Noise of Men - World Event

South of Ravensburg.
Two brothers are fighting over money and the barley inside a silo.
Destroy the silo with the oil jars to complete the event.

Unnamed Location
Lord and Lady - Standing Stones

Southeast of Ravensburg.
Put together the picture. Go up on the tree to do it.

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