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East Anglia - Where and how to get all Wealth Collectibles

All Wealth in East Anglia

This is our complete East Anglia Wealth Collectibles guide.
There are 16 Wealth Collectibles in East Anglia
Written by: Avi Pitfield  (Camzillasmom)
Maps compiled by: Avi Pitfield  (Camzillasmom). Click maps to enlarge.
Screenshots provided by Ubisoft

Also available:

Serpent's Landing

The Wealth: Armor is inside the top tent at Serpent's Landing. The chest is locked. The key is on a table by the tent below.
Contains: Magister's Cloak

Brisleah Farm
Nickel Ingot

The Wealth: Nickel Ingot is inside the house.
Destroy the wooden barricades at entrance and basement. But the basement room needs a key.
It's near the pigs and wolves.

Unnamed Location
Nickel Ingot

East of Elmenham.
The Wealth: Nickel Ingot, Titanium is carried by a bandit in this small camp.

Ruined Tower
Book of Knowledge

The Wealth: Book of Knowledge is inside the Ruined Tower.
Destroy the wooden barricade in the floor at ground level, climb all the way down.
Another barricade before you can get to the book. The oil jars are standing right next to the barricade...

Grants: Blinding Rush - Melee Ability

Scotthon Farm
Nickel Ingot

The Wealth is inside the locked house.
Climb down the well to get the key.

Burgh Castle
Nickel Ingot

The Wealth: Nickel Ingot is inside the building.
There is an entrance to the south.
Once inside you need to move 2 shelves out of the way. First the small one, then the big one.

Forest Hideout

Forest Hideout is between Grantebridge and Theotford Forest.
The chest is in an open tent.

Reward: Carolingian Longsword

Beodoricsworth - 1

The Wealth is inside the same building as Wealth 2, but in a locked area. A soldier has the key to loot.

Beodoricsworth - 2

The Wealth is inside a monastery building with a door that needs to be forced open.

Beodoricsworth - 3

The Wealth is inside a monastery building with a door that needs to be forced open.

King's Bury - 1
Nickel Ingot

The Nickel Ingot is inside the building that requires a key. The key is in the other building. Force open that door to get inside.

King's Bury - 2

The Wealth Item is inside a building where the door has to be forced open.

Contains: Magister's Mask

Unnamed Location
Book of Knowledge

Southeast of Northwic.
The Book of Knowledge is inside the ruined church, second floor. Easy access.

Unnamed Location
Gear: Thor's Helmet

Southeast of Northwic, East of King's Bury.
The Gear is in the Crypt - the basement of the estate.
It can only be opened, when one defeats 3 Daughters of Lerion. Each daughter drops a dagger that can be used on the statue in the basement.

The entry point to the Crypt is north of the Gear marker on the map.

Go all the way down to the Statue and insert the daggers.
You have to interact with it 3 times - for every dagger.

The statue explodes and opens up a passage down.
Welcome to the treasure chamber!

Reward: Thor's Helmet

Book of Knowledge

Dunwic is southeast of Northwic.
To get the Book of Knowledge, you need to find get the key that is lying around in the castle. It's where the barricade in the floor is.
Then use an oil jar to open the barricade and go down.
This area is full of chickens but it also has a shelf you can move.
A door is revealed and you can use the key to get to the Book of Knowledge.

Reward: Rush & Bash - Melee Ability

Sutton Hoo

The Wealth Gear is at Sutton Hoo Bandit Camp.
Go down the cave where you have to use a ladder to go down.
Right there is a key. Pick it up.
Turn left from the ladder and you can squeeze through a gap to get to a barricade that needs an oil jar.
There are oil jars behind the barricade.
Throw a torch through the gap on top of the barricade to get to the chest.

Content: Plank and Buckler

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