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East Anglia - All Artifacts found and collected

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Collectibles > East Anglia - Power 55

All Collectibles in East Anglia

All Artifacts Locations - 10
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Berkelow Bog
Roman Artifact

In the ruins south of Berkelow Bog.
The mask is hanging on the wall on the top floor.

Edmund's Hope
Hoard Map

The map is inside the small locked building.
Get the key in the tower of the church.

Flying Paper

Follow the Flying Paper and catch it.
Reward: Norse Emblem Scheme (Arms)

Northwic - 1
Flying Paper

Follow the Flying Paper and catch it.
Reward: Vestri Wind Scheme (Back)

Northwic - 2

In the Northwic longhouse, you can move 2 shelves out of the way to get into a storage room.
The path up the ladder is blocked. Shoot the wooden barricade to be able to get up the ladder.
Reward: The Rigsogur, Page 3

Grime's Graves

North of Grime's Graves, west of Brisleah Farm.
The Cursed Item is underground.
The entrance point is at Grime's Graves.

Mercury Temple
Roman Artifact

For the Roman Artifact you have to dive deep into the sunken temple.

Theotford Forest
Roman Artifact

The Artifact is east of Theotford Forest at temple ruins.
There is a barricade on the floor. Get an oil jar from a campsite next to the ruins and use it on the barricade.
Go down, slide through the gap. From this little room you can shoot the red oil jar in the barricaded room to blast it open.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Symbol

East of Elmenham.
The Cursed Symbol is high up in the tree.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Symbol

Southeast of Northwic, south of Burgh Castle.
The Cursed Symbol is high up on the structure. Under a wooden barricade.

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