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Asgard - All Mysteries found and collected

Assassin's Creed Valhalla > Collectibles > Asgard - Power 90

All Collectibles in Asgard

All Mysteries Locations - 9
Also available:

Flyting Thor

Beat Thor at Flyting.

Indre Holm
Valhalla Bound - World Event

Talk to the Warrior.

Cairn / Rock Tower Building

In Asgard's Southwest.

Milk of Humankind - World Event

Help the cow escape my smashing all the wooden barricades and moving away the big stone.
Make sure you follow the cow to safety.

Ymir's Altar
Offering Altar

Ymir's Altar requires 30x Ymir's Tear Stone.

Unnamed Location
Noble Harts - World Event

Southwest of Indre Holm.

Follow the Stag through the forest.
Will grant a Wealth Item at the finish point.

Unnamed Location
Hel's Well- World Event

Northeast of Litamiot vitr
Talk to Motull and solve his issue.

Unnamed Location
Njord's Lament - World Event

On the island east of Hemdall's Tower.
Take a boat with you. There is a dock on the main land, south of the World Event island.
Take Njord to the main land.

Unnamed Location
Food of the Gods - World Event

East of Ymir's Altar, on the other island.
Hunt a boar.

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