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Cent - Where and how to solve all Mysteries Collectibles

Canterbury - 1
Flyting - Brother Quiescis

Flyte Brother Quiescis and win.

Canterbury - 2
Pig of Prophecy - World Event

Speak to the man, then drink out of the barrel.
Speak to the pig, drink again, speak to the pig.

Cavern of Trials
Treasure of Britain

In the eastern part of Cent, near the coast is a lonely abandoned house.
Here, you have to solve the Treasure of Britain and collect some herbs for your seer at Ravensthorpe - The "Going deeper..." quest for Valka.
All in all you have to collect 5 keys.
1 entrance key - which is easy, right at the entrance.
3 keys for the door down below - one in each cavern.
1 exit key - right at the end to exit the Cavern of Trials.

Dover Pharos
The Lighthouse Twins - World Event

In the old lighthouse, you meet Frode with a strained ankle.
His brother Arne climbed all the way up to the top of the lighthouse and can't get down.
Climb up, kill the snakes on the way and shoot a ladder down.
Then guide him down.

Saint Hadrian's Priory
Madness of the Stones - World Event

South of Staint Hadrian's Priory is a Madman next to a circle of stones.
Talk to him and he wants you to count the stones.
Do that 3x, always give him your answer, to finish the event.

Unnamed Location
Red in Tooth and Claw - World Event

East of Lolingestone Bandit Camp is a house with 3 boars in front.
Defeat the boars and find the key at the back of the house near a dead man's body.
Unlock the house and find out what happened.
- The food
- The 2 letters
- The dead body

Unnamed Location
The Pardoner's Tale - World Event

Southeast of Lolingestone Bandit Camp is an old man sitting near the road.
Listen to his tale and then go to the big tree behind him.
- 3 dead bodies
- Food
- The Pot with the silver at the back of the tree.

Unnamed Location
Fly Agaric

Southwest of Tonbridge Monastery, at the border to Suthsexe, there is a Fly Agaric.
Eat it end walk the ramp.
You'll see:
1 - A boat (water)
2 - Burnt people (fire)
3 - A deer (forest)
4 - Crows, bones (fog)

Enter the gates like this. First go through the gate with the water and the fish, then the gate on fire, third is the gate in the forest and last the gate in the fog.

Unnamed Location
Winifred - World Event

Southwest of Tonbridge Monastery is a boy next to some bee hives.
He needs honey for his fried but he's too scared of them.
Interact with the center bee hive to get the honey.
When he asks you to place the honey on the rock (see screenshot), it's right next to the door.
Sit next to the boy and see who's coming.

Unnamed Location
The Ring - World Event

South of Tonbridge Monastery is a girl on a platform in the tree.
A bird has stolen her mother's ring. The nest is on the other platform.
Shoot the nest with an arrow and go down to get the ring.
Talk to the woman that shows up, decide what to do, then talk to the girl.

Unnamed Location
Standing Stones

Between Dane Camp and Beamasfield.

You have to stand in the east of the Standing Stones to form the picture.

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