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Cent - Where and how to get all Artifact Collectibles

Flying Paper

Follow the Flying Paper and get: Odin Emblem

Canterbury - Dorobernia Theater
Roman Artifact

Close to the World Event (Pig) at the theater, there is a weak wall / stone barricade you can blow up to go below the theater.
There are some oil jars on the other side of the wall.
Go down, go through the only gate that is not locked and slide to the other side.
That's where the Roman Artifact is.

Canterbury Seminary
The Rigsogur, Page 6

Get inside the Canterbury Seminary. - I just smashed a window at ground floor and climbed in.
On the second floor there is a small library.
In this library is The Rigsogur, Page 6.

Canterbury St. Martin's Church
Flying Paper

Follow the Flying Paper and catch it.
You'll get:
Hjarta Scheme (Arms)

Cavern of Trials - 1
Cursed Symbol

Northeast of the Cavern of Trials, below the Fast Travel Point by the cliffs.
The Cursed Symbol is barricaded behind a lot of debris.
Climb on of the poles in front of it.
You can shoot it from there.

Cavern of Trials - 2
Cursed Symbol

Southwest of the Cavern of Trials, east of Canterbury is a burning tree.
Look for a white felled tree. There are oil jars next to it.
Take one, walk on the tree until the end and throw the jar onto the weak wall / stone barricade.
This destroys the Cursed Symbol as well.

Dover Pharos - 1
Roman Artifact

Next to the old, collapsed lighthouse, there is a house with a barricaded door.
You can shoot the barricade froom the other side, a wooden barricaded window.
Shoot twice: once for the wooden barricade and once for the door.

Dover Pharos - 2
Treasure Hoard Map

The Cent Hoard Map is on top of the old lighthouse.

Fyling Paper

In the southeastern part of Folcanstan.
Follow the Paper to catch it.
The end point is on the water surface. You can also swim the whole way.
Reward: Midgard Scheme (Arms)

Lolingestone Bandit Camp
Roman Artifact

In the north eastern corner of the Lolingestone Bandit Camp.
At ground level, there is an unlocked door with a small room.
But you need to get to the first level, where the barricaded door is.
Climb up to the roof of this room. From there, you can easily get it.

Unnamed Location
Roman Artifact

Southeast of the Lolingestone Bandit Camp.
On top of the ruins, there is a pile of stones.
Carry away the stones to reveal the Mask.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Symbol

South of Tonbridge Monastery, southwest of Beamasfield.
The Cursed Symbol is inside the tree.
You can shoot it when you climb on top of the stalagmite.

Unnamed Location
Cursed Symbol

North of Rouecistre Blockade.
This Cursed Symbol is high up on a platform that you can't reach.
There are poles and ropes everywhere.
Reach the highest pole by parcouring to shoot the Cursed Symbol.
The starting point is where I made the screenshots.

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