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Paris, Francia - Where and how to get all Wealth Collectibles

Paris, Francia
All Wealth Locations and how to get them - 9
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Defender's Rest
Gear: Paladin Chainmail

Defender's Rest is in the northern part of Paris, by the river.
The gear is inside the building.
The chest is in the top floor behind a barricaded door.
You can access the room either through the ground floor entrance or through an open window at the back of the house.
The key for the chest is underground.
There is an access point right underneath the open window at the water.
The key is in the back room on the table.

Flooded Slums
Gear: Scythe of Tribulation

In the southeastern part of the Paris slums is an open crypt with a flooded staircase to the basement.
Dive down.
Dive all the way through and up again on the other side.
Now, there are rats.
Avoid them by climbing the walls to the next room with the barred door.
The chest is in this room.
Slide through the passage near the barred door to get to it.
The barred door is the exit.

Grand Chatelet
Tungsten Ingot

Grand Chatelet is in the northern part of Paris.
The chest is at the top of the tower, the key is carried by one of the guards.

La Grève
Gear: Paladin Bracers

La Grève is in the northeastern part of Paris.
The chest is inside the big building, 1st floor, behind a key-locked door.
The key is on the same floor but also not reachable.
But you can shoot the door barricade to get the key through the grated door.
Then you just go around the house to get the key.

Lutetia Bureau
Gear: Joyeuse - Short Sword

The Lutetia Bureau is in the southwestern part of Paris Town.
In the center of ancient pillars you'll find a square hole in the ground.
Descend and follow the way.
Near the door, read the letter.
You'll get a quest to find the keys in 3 ruins across Francia.

The Ruins are at the northern Fasttravel Point of Melunois.
The keys are in the same room as the Book of Knowledge.

The ruins are north of Evreux.
The keys are in the same room as the Book of Knowledge.

The ruins are northeast of Paris.

You can now open the Bureau door.
You will enter a big room with two levels.
Look down at the bottom level.
There is a big, shiny "A".
At the end of it is a destructable wall.
There are oil flasks at the upper level. You will have to parcour it down to the wall.
Once the wall is blown up, the shiny "A" will light up and you can go through the open passage.
Defeat the snakes and you can access the chest.

Manoir des Fleurs Rouges
Tungsten Ingot

The Manoir des Fleurs Rouges is in the northern part of Paris.
West of it is a secret entrance. A ladder leading down inside a house.
Go down and follow the corridor.
Chase the first group of rats away, turn left and you will get to a storage room with a door.
Inside this room is the key locked chest with the tungsten ingot.
Now the key:
There is a slide-through passage inside this room with a lot of rats in front of it.
Chase away the rats, move the shelf next to the drain to keep them in.
Now use the slide-through passage to get to the other room.
The key is here but you have to smash the pots and boxes in the corner to be able to get it.

Plague District
Book of Knowledge

The Plague District is in the southern part of Paris right by the water.
The entrance to the building is barred but you can access it by climbing up from the waterside.
There is an oil flask right when you come in. Down the ladder is a destructable floor.
But you have to go down and you can't climb ladders with a flask.
Destroy the barricade at the door.
Then pick up the flask and carry it to the entrance around the building by parcouring.
Destoy the floor with the flask and climb down to get the book.
Reward: Plague of Rats

Sainte-Geneviève Church
Bellatores Robe - Gear

Enter the church through the balcony on the first floor.
This is where you start the assassination event "The Rot in the Slums" and talk to your contact.
The chest is inside the church, on the 1st floor.

The Bellatores Rove in this chest needs to be word to get inside the basement for the assassination quest.

Saint Merri
Tungsten Ingot

There is a chest with a Tungsten Ingot in the Crypt of Saint Merri.
The crypt is that little house next to the church but it's locked.
The key is inside the church right next to the coffin.
The crypt is well guarded by rats.
In the first room, chase them into the drain and put the small shelf on top.
Move away the big shelf and get an oil flask to open up the passage with the destuctable wall.
Poison and rats in the next room. Throw a torch towards the rats and move the small shelf onto the drain.
The chest with the ingot is visible from here.
Move away the big shelf to get to it.
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